DA reviewing ex-EPISD employee documents


POSTED: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 11:57pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 25, 2013 - 1:39pm

The investigation into the EPISD cheating scandal has reached the District's Attorney's office.

In a statement today, DA spokeswoman Renee Railey wrote, "We currently have cases in the office under review in relationship to the episd alleged scheme."

When asked if they have specifically received documents from the school district itself, Railey couldn't say -- that, after school board members voted to turn in documents implicating ex-employees of the District at last night's board meeting. 

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Well look at what Elliot Shapleigh and his Cronnies are doing to them. Holding them accountable for something that even the Texas Education agency could not find. What would you do?

Wow, you are out of touch with the facts! The TEA at first did not find anything because they did not look, they just wrote off their so called investigation. It is because of Elliot's persistence that the mess at EPISD was finally exposed. Garcia is now in prison, the TEA finally acted to replace the board and still the board & individuals like you remain defensive. Are you a board member or related to one? EPISD needs a new & honorable board, we don't have that now!

What really ticks me off about this whole mess is that the EPISD School Board has paid thousands and thousands of dollars to their lawyers & they are still going to spend thousands more so they can determine whose names & what info they will turn over to the DA. Isn't that was the police, FBI, County & District Attorneys & other law enforcement entities are for. If you ask me the board just wants to protect itself & while doing so they continue to foolishly spend thousands of dollars. RESIGN!

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