"Cut & Cap" Continues

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - 3:40pm

Success or failure of latest attempt to staunch oil flow could be clear by Thursday.

Gulf Coast -- There has been another delay for teams trying to staunch the flow of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.

A diamond-tipped saw has been getting stuck in the massive pipe it is trying to sever in order to make way for a new containment cap.

Meanwhile, the oil already on the surface is on the move.

Scientists have identified an oily sheen in the waters just off Florida's Pensacola Beach.

Further west as clumps of oil washed up on Alabama's Dauphin Island prevention gave way to high-tension as angry fishermen staged a protest linking boats to form a blockade across Bayou La Batre.

They say they can't fish and can't get hired by BP to protect their waters.

"Either the boat's too big, the boat's too little, we don't need this kind of boat, that kind of boat, we're not hiring right now, you're not a member of this organization, or that organization... we have! We have been to the convention center, we've been to Dauphin Island, everywhere trying to get a job!" exclaimed one angry fisherman.

Even with the delays engineers hope to have the containment dome over the leaking riser sometime tonight, and say we could know by Thursday if the plan is working.

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