VIDEO: TX man charged with hate crime after 'knockout assault'


POSTED: Friday, December 27, 2013 - 12:10pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 30, 2013 - 9:37am

A Texas man has been charged with a hate crime for allegedly attacking an elderly black man in what's become known as a "knockout" assault.

Justice Department officials say 27-year-old Conrad Alvin Barrett of Katy, Texas, attacked a 79-year-old black man at the end of November.

Authorities say Barrett made a video of the incident, in which he allegedly can be heard stating his intent to target a black person.

The so-called "knockout game" is an assault where the attacker tries to knock out an unsuspecting victim with one punch.

Officials say the elderly man in this case suffered two jaw fractures and was in the hospital for days.

Barrett's attorney said he could not say whether or not his client carried out the attack, but he noted Barrett suffers from bipolar disorder and takes medication.

Barrett will next appear in court Friday afternoon for a detention hearing.

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yeah I'm pretty sure that isn't courage if you decided to hit a 79 year old. the original game ...was called 'polar bear hunting' ...
so ...when the one and only victim is Black....the hate crime comes in.... ....all the other victims ..the 99.9% ...the non Black victims ...are not hate crimes ...
because ..their attackers, their assailers, ...are Black ...the 99.9%....
anywhere there is a ghetto where you don't want to live....

Oh please. I have Bipolar Disorder and you don't see me playing this stupid game. It is no excuse for what he did.

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