NM inmate found guilty of murdering fellow inmate in 2006

NM inmate found guilty of murdering fellow inmate in 2006
NM State Penitentiary

POSTED: Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 1:27pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 27, 2014 - 12:21pm

A Dona Ana County Detention Center inmate was convicted of brutally murdering a fellow inmate on Wednesday afternoon.

Dominic Montoya was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and possession of a deadly weapon by a prisoner for the April 2006 death of Adam Avalos.

Montoya testified in his own defense that he entered the shower area of the jail pod to cut himself with a razor out of frustration with his girlfriend while Avalos was showering. Montoya’s girlfriend had recently broken up with him, and as a result, he admitted to "obsessing about it for a couple of days".

Avalos attempted to calm Montoya by telling him to “forget” about her that's when Montoya became so angry by the comment that he attacked Avalos. Montoya claimed insanity and said he was blacked out during the entire event. The on again, off again relationship and his girlfriend's pleasure in his violent acts was referred to by Prosecutors as a "romance game" which fueled Montoya’s rage leading to Adam Avalos’ death. Montoya testified "Adam just got too close to me. I think everyone knows I killed Adam."

Avalos was found mutilated in the shower and the words "will she love me" were written in blood on the wall. Montoya's identification bracelet was found stuffed in the victim’s mouth and a razor blade was located in a toilet 5ft away. Prosecutors for the District Attorney's office said, "Those actions alone support Dominic's cognitive and behavioral abilities," which effectively overcome Montoya’s insanity defense.

This verdict exposes the defendant Montoya to a possible maximum sentence of 24 years incarceration. Montoya is currently serving a 57 year sentence for murder and other crimes. Judge Douglas Driggers ordered a Pre-Sentence Report and a sentencing date will be set in the near future.

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