EPPD tape off Farrey home in West El Paso


POSTED: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 12:45pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 8:59am

UPDATE: 4:32 p.m.:

The Delta County Sheriffs Office in Escanaba, MI have confirmed that 22-year-old Jeffrey Farrey is no longer in their custody. They have declined to confirm which agency Farrey was transferred to.


Jenna Farrey, 20, is still in the custody of the Delta County Sherriffs Office, awaiting extradition orders on charges stemming from violation of her probation in El Paso County.

UPDATE 3:22 p.m.:

Police have towed the Farrey's other vehicle, a white-colored Scion TC3 away from the scene.



El Paso Police have now placed red tape around the Farrey home, located in the 7300 block of Cerro Negro.

The Farrey's landlord, Octavio Hildagon, says police notified him yesterday that they'd be in the home for a couple of days to complete a thorough search. 

Fort Bliss officials confirmed to News Channel 9 this morning that Jeffrey Farrey, the 22-year-old father is considered AWOL from the U.S. Army and that the El Paso Police Department are the lead law enforcement team leading the investigation into the disappearance of 5-month-old Jackson Farrey.

Another source close to the investigation said that Jeffrey Farrey would be returned to Fort Bliss to face his Absent Without Leave charge within the coming days.

Jenna Farrey, 20, was charged Monday with violating the terms of her probation stemming from two separate 2012 abandonment or endangerment of a child charges. Jenna Farrey was found guilty of leaving her then 2-month-old son Blake home alone on three separate occasions.

Police have currently cordoned off the streets surrounding the home, as the intersection at Vista Bonita at Cerro Negro. A police officer on scene has advised us that a mobile command unit is en route to the scene.

Authorities on scene can be seen walking in and out of the backyard area of the Farrey home.

El Paso Child Protective Services authorities have confirmed that 19-month-old Blake Farrey is still with CPS in Michigan, where the family was located early Sunday morning.

The Child Crisis Center of El Paso released a statement via their Facebook page Tuesday afternoon "In our minds, we believe we know what has happened and the outcome will not be good. In our hearts, we are praying for a miracle and that the baby is found safe. Please know that our community has a place to turn when you find yourself at your breaking point and you know you are lashing out at your kids."

The Child Crisis Center of El Paso Hope Line is 562-HOPE (4673).

We will update as more information becomes available.

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...bliss criminality....

....great....more bliss thugs....
El Paso, will fall victim ...to the bliss thug transplants....
...non natives ...need to go back to their ...own hometown...

I tried to warn them there in El Paso that there Military guys were going off of there rocker. If this is the Kind of Men and Women we are excepting into are Military we as a country are up shit without a Paddle. These sicko's are suppose to be Fighting for are So Called Freedom. I don't think so.

If that baby is dead I blame the Child Protective Services who allowed this to happen.

We know a woman in Houston, Texas that made her newborn disappear and then her, and her daughter was stupid enough to leave their handwritten letter at the crime scene when they had a disabled man falsely arrested to cover up their crimes. Web search: "Missing Baby Doe McClendon".

...again, ....just more fine bliss representatives....
bringing the ghetto and crime to ...the once Safe City of El Paso...
..again, ..it is the troublesome transplants....

this is crazy.

the anticipation is crazy, i hope nothing bad but i just want to know whats going on.

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