Juarez family of eight allegedly murdered over $115 gambling debt

Juarez family of eight allegedly murdered over $115 gambling debt

POSTED: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 1:11pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 5:24pm

Juarez officials now say that the Juarez family of eight murdered Sunday morning just miles away from the Ysleta International Bridge was killed over a 1500 pesos debt, the equivalent to $115.55 dollars.

North Chihuahua Attorney General Enrique Villareal hosted a press conference Wednesday to announce that two men have been arrested in connection with the massacre that left the family of eight, including three infants dead.


Officials say that the head of the household was known to participate in dog-fighting competitions and he lost a bet. Sunday night, Jesus Daniel went to the victim's home to ask for money and the victim refused to pay.

Daniel later called two friends and returned to stab everyone in the home, rob the home and steal three vehicles.

Daniel confessed that they killed the children in the home because they normally visited the home and didn't want the children to identify them as the killers.

Juarez officials are still looking for one fugitive, the other two alleged assassins will be presented to the media this afternoon.

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An entire fa,ily killed over a $115 bet? No wonder no one wants to go to Juarez anymore!

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