Creative Kids Helps Children to Cope with Cancer

Creative Kids Helps Children to Cope with Cancer

POSTED: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 5:52pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 6:05pm

Turning kids into artists.

That's what one local non-profit organization in El Paso is doing everyday.

But, creative kids' mission is bigger than the canvases on the wall.

NewsChannel 9 spoke with one little boy who says his art helps him cope with cancer.

With the stroke a brush, 7 year-old Alex Cisneros forgets he's in the hospital for a little while.

"I'm distracted and I do fun things and I mix colors and I paint and I draw. I do lots of things," Alex said.

Alex was diagnosed with leukemia when he was just a year old and says his art classes with creative kids help him forget about the tough things he has to battle each day.

"Because I don't have to be thinking about the meds, they're going to give me a shot and all those things," Alex said.

Stephen ingle helped start creative kids classes in and outside of the hospital more than a decade ago to give kids an outlet.

"What Alex is talking about is the situation in which he's allowed to use his own mind and get away from some of the problems he looks at, just focus on what he's doing at the time and the artwork," Ingle said.

Stephen says the organization was built off of the belief in art and how it enhances children's lives.

"I see all of the wonderful art we have done and I like it," Alex said.

Creative kids offers classes to kids from all walks of life and Stephen says he wants more children to have the chance to grow through art.

"Enhance not only what we built in El Paso, but create relationships all around the continent with other people that can utilize our tool to help kids," Ingle said.

For now, Alex has to stay in the hospital, but he says even though he can't leave he always has his classes to look forward to.

"I think they're cool and it kind of feels like I'm in the gallery working," Alex said.

Creative Kids will be holding a fundraiser this Thursday.

If you want a piece of these kids' art, Creative Kids is hosting an event this Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. at 504 San Francisco at their gallery in downtown El Paso.

Click here for more information on Creative Kids.

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