Crash Victim had Death Wish

Crash Victim had Death Wish

POSTED: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - 4:35pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 27, 2011 - 11:42pm

UPDATE:  3:34 p.m.  The victim is described as an 18-year-old woman.  Her name has not been released.

UPDATE: 12:38 p.m.  Police have reopened the westbound lanes of I-10 in Las Cruces.

UPDATE:  11:18 a.m.  Police confirm the woman driving a car that hit a semi truck had a suicide wish.  Investigators say she left a suicide note with her parents, drove on I-10, crossed the median and intentionally smashed head-on with the big rig.  The woman suffered non-life threatening injuries and is being treated at the hospital.  The driver of the semi escaped injury.  I-10 west remains closed.  Police do not expect it to reopen for several more hours.

LAS CRUCES - A serious traffic crash on Interstate 10 has temporarily closed westbound traffic.

The wreck happened at 9:15 a.m. and involved a semi-truck and passenger vehicle.

Las Cruces Police are asking motorists to temporarily avoid the area to allow emergency vehicles access to the site.

I-10 westbound traffic is being diverted to Interstate 25.

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Who cares about the Honda how about that child what was so bad,that she had to end her life we as a people need to have service a helping hand to listen and give another course of action a positive one GOD works in his own ways and she is blessed! And that driver you did a fine job if you had not seen her it could have been more than an attempt,your professionalism though you turned your truck over,both of you are alive,Thank you !drkmonk

The Head Lines for this story was missed by media as usual. ( 18 YEAR OLD SUICIDE FAILED BY HONDA )
The national story is the Honda made by Americans in Ohio save an 18 year old NM girl from her SUICIDE ATTEMPT ! She swerved across the freeway to run in to a 18 Wheeler in her Honda to commit SUICIDE !! NOT ONE MEDIA SAID ANY THING ABOUT THE HONDA'S SAFETY FEATURES DOING WHAT IT WAS BUILT TO DO (SAVE LIVES) !!!! But they never miss a chance to tell about RECALLS do they !!
Thanks HONDA !!

You know I almost added that thanks to modern engineering only her legs were injured, but I hadnt heard about that! Im just glad that shes gonna be ok and will now get the help she needs..

The names of the passengers?

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