County Judge Candidates Disagree on Immigration


POSTED: Monday, April 26, 2010 - 5:47pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - 8:07am

EL PASO, TX - A day after the Republican nominee for El Paso County Judge proposed Texas implement the strict immigration laws passed in Arizona last week, his opponent disagreed with the idea.

"What's happening in Arizona, I think is really tragic and what we see is a xenophobia taking over instead of common sense policy approaches to solving the challenges of a broken immigration system," County Judge candidate Veronica Escobar said.

Arizona's new law makes it a crime for someone to live in Arizona illegally.  It allows Arizona law enforcement  to request proof of citizenship if there is reasonable suspicion that someone is illegal.

Jaime O. Perez, the Republican candidate says the idea of asking people to prove their citizenship will not open the door to racial profiling.
"I think that's an exaggerated claim," Perez said.  "I don't believe that. I think that's a claim being put out by people who want amnesty because what they're trying to do, is draw a line in the sand that will force the federal government to do comprehensive immigration reform."

"I don't agree with Mr. Perez in the sense that we need to adopt what Arizona adopted," Escobar said.

Even though the highly controversial bill continues to be a hot topic, Escobar says the office of county judge has different priorities.

"I've got a long record of work on the issue and I think this particular issue isn't what people are looking for in terms of leadership at the county," Escobar said.  "People are concerned about jobs and the budget and the future of the County of El Paso."

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Majority of people in El Paso Agree with this law according to Both El Paso Times and Kfox Polls. El Paso is mainly hispanic so its not a racial thing. Also El PASo POLICE currently can charge you with failure to ID if you do not provide a means of identification.

the keyword is illegal. if there are illegal aliens living and working in the US, they need to go. its illegal. its also illegal for companies to hire illegals. there is a process to be a documented alien, they need to follow that process. not look for a free ride.

i agree with the bill, if you are not legal you should not be here, or you need to go through the process to become legal, other countries do not allow that why should we? People need to get thier head out of thier butt and fight for something that is already legal and have cause, dont be wasting tax payers money!!!!!!! become legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We on the border have to walk a very thin line. Do we put in laws that will alienate our neighbors to the south or not. 70% of the border sales are from them. Arizona is going to be boycotted by Mexico because they don't like to be stopped like criminals when spending their money. I agree we need to enforce the laws we already have, but make a law just for political gain is stupid. We already have the laws--enforce them. Orion

Perhaps Escobar does not understand that it is already a federal law; this simply gives the state law enforcement teeth to enforce the law. The only people that are affected more than a possible inconvenience are the people breaking the law. I don’t know why people think that once they make it across the border, then everyone should leave them alone…

After all it is not the only law that been in debates, remember the undying health care reform bill issues and the like. However, I understand the immigration problem seems to be with Hispanics, but that doesn't mean that they are our country's only illegal immigrants, and unless you are going to require all people of all ethnicities to carry papers, you can't expect just one single group to.

If politicians would not worry about offending the Hispanic vote and get on with the business of why they where elected. Moments ago the President of Mexico denounced the Arizona law. The President of Mexico needs to tend the business of Mexico,lead his people into prosperity and law and order.
Read the Mexican Constitution and their immgrations laws, compared to the US laws ours is childs play compared to Mexico. Talk about two faced.

The half-hearted and confusing way Perez is "endorsing" the Arizona anti-illegal alien measures shows what he really is: an opportunistic turn-coat. He is a stain on the Republican party. I would hope that real Republicans in El Paso will disassociate themselves from him.

Confusing? What is confusing about enforcing a law on the books? My Mother came here and followed the laws. Her reward was being a naturalized US citizen. I think Arizone is going in the right direction. I guess if you were related to that rancher that was murdered or the others being murdered or kidnapped, you would agree with the earlier post that Everyone needs to follow the law. Not just the Mexicans but Asians, Canadians, etc. To enforce the law requires that EVERYONE be compliant. simple!

Sancho jaime o perez

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