County to decide on San Elizario's incorporation

County to decide on San Elizario's incorporation
Sunday, August 25, 2013 - 3:45pm

San Elizario could soon become a city, the county is expected to make a decision during Monday’s meeting, Incorporation Group efforts president Maya Sanchez is optimistic about it:

"in recent conversations with community members just casually I personally haven't cross with someone who doesn't support the incorporations we did quite of phone banking on Friday and out of the entire group of registered voters we spoke with there was only one that didn't even not support it she just basically said you do what you need to do" Sanchez said.

The group has already completed the process of getting permission from the city of Socorro and gathered registered voter petitions to present to the county judge, some San Eli residents however are still uncertain about a decision to incorporate.

"I’ll rather have it the way it is but if we have to go forward and be a city then I guess that's alright too" San Elizario resident Alberto Onzures said.

If the county judge approves the petition, the proposal would be included in the ballot for the November general election and it would be up to the voters to decide.

"What I think is that we are better off being county than a city" resident Hector Caballero said.

"The people are used to this kind of environment so it should stay as a little city to get their own government and take it from there" Ricardo Cortez said.

Maya says that incorporation is the only viable option for this community...

"Incorporation doesn't mean turning in to a grand city but just preserving and keeping and building upon the way of life we live now” Sanchez concluded.

If the county and the voters allow San Eli to continue the new city would have to wait six months before electing a mayor and city council.

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