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County Cuts Target Seniors


POSTED: Monday, August 2, 2010 - 7:06pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 - 5:08pm

El Paso, TX - El Paso County is faced with a major budget shortfall. The county is tens of millions of dollars in the red. A big part of the community may take the brunt of the cuts.

Every afternoon more than 90 seniors come to the South El Paso Senior Center for lunch. Carmen Baffrey is one of many who rely on these lunches as their only full meal of the day.

"This is where we all come to enjoy a conversation with our friends, people our age. people who are poor like myself, i'm very poor..in fact some have no income so sometimes they are able to get a sandwich or whatever they're having," states Baffrey.

Soon, sandwiches may be hard to come by. Last week El Paso County Commissioners voted to strip senior lunches from the upcoming budget, a move that saves nearly $200,000.

Commissioner Veronica Escobar is hoping to overturn the decision. Escobar argues one can't put a price on the well being of our oldest community members.

"Some of our most vulnerable get access to healthy meals. but it's also about program that does more than just serve meals to senior citizens. it creates friendships and a social environment where seniors are taking care of one another," Escobar said.

Baffrey and others count on social interaction at the Senior Center.

"The majority of we seniors, we live alone. We live alone and we have no one to talk to. This is a place where we come and talk to people," the 79 year-old said.

The County has yet to finalize a budget, and the cuts are not yet set in stone.  Commissioners will vote on the budget in the beginning of October.  

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Nope because if they actually had their way they would get rid of them all anyways.

Once again i point out a 12million dollar bridge to Mexico project that is useless to us at this point in time & is still going forward but yet we will starve people?

Like usual el paso officials rather worry about their other city then us.

I understand the budget shortfall process.

Giving up feeding our elderly; and cutting police officer, fireman, EMTs seem to be the wrong way to go.

How about just laying off people, cutting salaries more?

Leave the elders alone. The elders deserve their time together. They have worked hard all their lives. Unlike the wealthy citizens who can afford luxury resting homes and social plans that keep them living comfortably our people have struggled to even reach old age. They like the children are always the first ones to be knocked around because they are defenseless. We already value our seniors so little by leaving them at the mercy of governments.

This is sad.

Why can't we lay off the County Commissioners?

How can this be? El Paso has a very high cost of living as it is due in part to the exorbitantly high taxes. That being said; where does all that money go? One solution: Don't let people from Mexico who come here to shop, get their taxes back at places like Melek. Yes. That's what happens. Suppose someone spends $500.00 shopping. They go to Melek and get their 40 or so dollars back in taxes. They shop tax free! Tax 'em like the rest of us slaves and maybe these senior citizens could still eat!

Yups we are greatly hurt by Manifesto's that any Mexico citizen can claim. Whats worse is as far as i know even the one's here living in el paso under amensty still are elgible to have it because they aren't a citizen of the U.S. and are not required to pay such taxes.

So 40dollars x50k= 2million dollars in lost revenue for the state and city. Now multiply that by the 12million illegal immigrants in the country and how much does our economy lose. Thats just in sales/state taxes.

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