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County Considers Arizona Boycott Today

County Considers Arizona Boycott Today

POSTED: Monday, May 3, 2010 - 4:46am

UPDATED: Monday, May 3, 2010 - 9:20pm

El Paso - El Paso County Commissioners will take up a resolution today to boycott Arizona's new immigration law.

The county measure would limit any business dealings with Arizona and not spend public money on non-essential travel to that state.

A candidate for County Judge is speaking out against the resolution.

Jaime Perez says, "I consider such a move not in the best interest of El Paso taxpayers and Americans."

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We get some of our electricity from the Palo Verde plant in Arizona and some of our medical waste goes to a site in Chandler Arizona. Should we turn off our lights and keep our waste or is this a selective boycott that only hurts others and does not inconvenience us?

Thank God! Please boycott my racist state. The same assholes who voted for this also voted on a bill that Obama show his birth certificate! Twice in one week? BOYCOTT MY RACIST STATE

This law in AZ is unconstitutional plain and simple. It potentially violates EVERY citizen's forth amendment rights. Contrary to popular opinion both legal and illegal immigrants are protected by the bill of rights.

Once again its all about their careers. They want the votes of these people who only think the AZ laws are racist and can't go out and find true facts that its not. Oh and thanks to the media for being biast and plays into this with out showing the other side of the story outside of non-televised articles that do.Another commenter on this site provides current statistics of how Illegal immigrants no matter race are a drain on city, state, and national economy

I agree this is not in the best interest of the city of El Paso and another classic illustration on how people in local office make decisions based on their personal beliefs and as a result the general public pays the price.

Then, Mr. Perez, El Paso consider's YOU getting the HELL OUT OF EL PASO, in EL PASO's best interest, racist facist brown-noser!

What an intelligent reply . ScheistX, you are a complete fool if you think the law in Arizona will do anything different except to make it possible for local law enforcements to act on a FEDERAL LAW that has been effect for many years !!! What makes you think that the El Paso shoppers that are most concerned about this law have any money to spend on Arizona products? They spend their money in Juarez and downtown El Paso !!

You dumb ass! they already have the right to enforce federal law! ask arpaio! I am a native arizonan! Please Boycott My Racist State! Hope jan doese well in her republican primary! if you want to talk politics! this solves nothing, doesnt secure the border that feeds all those drugs americans want so bad! so if your angry and easily kept in fear, then vote republican! These illegals would out work your ass any day!

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