County Commissioners Make $180K Investment

County Commissioners Make $180K Investment

POSTED: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - 6:04pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 5:40pm

EL PASO - County Commissioner Sergio Lewis unveiled a fleet of nearly 100 new golf carts for Ascarate Golf Course on Wednesday. Now county leaders are hoping their investment will pay-off.

Commissioners are taking a swing at making Ascarate Golf Course self-sustainable. They invested $180,000.00 on a new set of golf carts. The old carts were beat-up, and golfers say they would break down on the course.

"That takes time, and it's frustrating and you get stranded out there in the middle of nowhere," Ascarate Senior Association President Joe Sena said.

Bad carts literally drove golfers away.

"Hopefully some of those memberships that left because of the golf carts we had in the past, hopefully they'll come back to Ascarate," Commissioner Lewis said.

To some the new carts might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but try telling that to some senior golfers.

"For us, if we don't have carts that are dependable we can't play the sport," Sena said.

Golfer Pablo Aranda turns 81-years old next week. He walks nine-holes for exercise, but he needs a cart after that. The old carts would leave him stranded in the middle of nowhere, but he doesn't have to worry about that anymore.

"I appreciate what the county is doing right now to Ascarate Golf Course," Aranda said.

Commissioner Lewis is hoping others will feel the same same way and give the golf course another swing.

"It's time for new participation, hopefully new membership, more revenue, and more substantiality," Lewis said.

If you're worried the golfers got a freebee on the taxpayers' dime, that's not the case. Prices at the golf course went up about a dollar, but every golfer we spoke with said the higher cost is well worth it. They say Ascarate is still very affordable.

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El Paso, nor any other city, should be in the business of golfing. Business is business and the governing of a city is something entirely different. No wonder our property taxes are so high. It has got to S T O P !

I know that work has & is continuing at Ascarate but both the park & the Golf course look dreadful to me. Maybe by next year, as Judge Escobar says, it will look better. On a side issue I really hope that they don't bring the Music Under the Stars concerts to Ascarate Park, especially if it is because booze will be allowed, whether it be bring your own or through vendor sales. Alcohol does not improve things, it only gets people drunk & the only thing drunk people do is act stupid.

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