County Commissioner Dan Haggerty accepts fate, maintains zest


POSTED: Friday, March 29, 2013 - 4:47pm

UPDATED: Saturday, March 30, 2013 - 6:32pm

He's been an outspoken member of the community and Commissioners Court for nearly two decades.
Then he was diagnosed with bladder cancer.
Now on his second round of chemo-therapy, County Commissioner Dan Haggerty is at peace with his fate.

For the length of an entire work day, Dan Haggerty sits in a chair

Haggerty doesn't need a spoonful of sugar with his medicine.
He already takes it with a smile.

In about a week, his formerly thick head of white hair will be gone.
In usual Haggerty style, he's got a quirky solution.

He wants cancer survivors to send him their wigs.  He'll wear any kind.  He's specifically interested in a "Pippy Longstocking" wig. 

To prove it, he headed to a wig shop in Northeast El Paso.  Haggerty tried on neon orange wigs, blonde ones and even an electirc blue bob.
This isn't some kind of end of life crisis or attempt to fill a bucket list

Haggerty's bucket list includes spending time with his family, nothing crazy.  He'll also continue to work as a county commissioner.

"It's way too soon for resigning," Haggerty said. "I  mean I certainly should resign if I get to the point where you're wacko or whatever happens with me. I am terminal. There's no hope for a cure".

A realization that wasn't easy to accept.

At the next County Commissioners meeting on May 8th, Haggerty will wear the wig he bought Friday.  Here's a hint: it's a bright color!

If you're a cancer survivor and want to see your wig on Commissioner Haggerty's head during a meeting, you can send it or take it to his office at the County Courthouse, Suite 301.

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