Councilman Reacts To Sheriff's Comments


POSTED: Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 9:36pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 3, 2011 - 12:02am

SOCORRO - Socorro Councilman Jesse Gandara spoke with NewsChannel 9 Thursday over how upset he was at the comments made by Sheriff Richard Wiles Wednesday about a criminal complaint Gandara filed against a deputy for assault.

"The comments made by Sheriff Wiles yesterday were ignorant, they were one-sided and II would like to see a public apology once all the facts surface and he sees that he is clearly wrong. He made a one-sided judgment based on no facts at all," said Gandara.

Rep. Gandara also pointed out to us what he believes to be another issue in the department, "There is a problem with integrity in that department and it starts at the top."

"I expect for it to be fair, the investigation, all I'm asking for justice to run its course. What I don't expect is for the County Sheriff of El Paso to insert his influence on this investigation and call it crap which in all respects that type of terminology coming from our Sheriff is disrespectful to our community," said Gandara.

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Gandara should be arrested and charged with interferring with an investigation. It was none of his business and he would not like it if some other law enforecement would do the same to his Socorro PD. Gandara either needs money or just wants media attention. He should concentrate on taking care of business with his community. Sylvestre Reyes and Mr. Gandara only take care of their families and oust the very people that unfortunately were deceived to vote them in.

There is a concern regarding Sheriff's office. I am extremely concerned when we as citizens cannot take pictures or recordings of what these loose canons are doing. I for one, believe that sheriff Wiles is just a follower and wants to show face on tv but I don't believe he is about anything for our community. The way he appeared on tv he seemed more like a fool trying to make the other side like another fool. Sorry, but I don't buy Wiley's Coyote Story.

Looks like this corrupt Gandara gangster clan has found a new way of pushing their agenda. And of course law enforcement hating KTSM is ready to lend a helping hand by publicizing this junk.

I have been a resident of Socoroo all my life. It is so sad to see that our so called "city council men" would waste our money on such stupid stuff as "a full investigation." All the sheriff was trying to do was to better our community by looking into putting sidewalks (which is something our "council men" should be doing. I can garantee that come election time, I will not vote for anyone who's last name happens to be GANDARA!!!. That's where the "circus" starts..

It is not right what the investigator did but the councilman should stop wasting everyone's time, money and energy wanting a full investigation. Ask for an apology and get over it! He should be running the city of Socorro with as much passion as he has for this situation. If he needs issues to focus on how about the bad traffic,messed up roads,the lack of sidewalks,drugs,gangs, and just making the community a better place. He should be ashamed that all Socorro is known for is drama and problems.

Gandaras seem to be trying to set up a poor man's Kennedy dynasty in hapless Socorro. This idiot pussy footing around the sheriff makes me think they already have money in some politico's pocket. This smart assed, man-titted boy needs to have that smirk smacked off his face. The Sheriifs Office has real work to do, if the Gandara's weren't kissing political ass paving private approaches, for free, the SO wouldn't have had to respond to this complaint. Bitching about having his hand squeezed? Plz

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