Councilman Makes YouTube Video To Fight Recall Push


POSTED: Friday, November 19, 2010 - 5:35pm

UPDATED: Sunday, November 21, 2010 - 5:25pm

SOCORRO - A YouTube video is one Socorro City Councilor's way of fighting a citizen group that's trying to remove all elected leaders from office.

As you likely know by now, Socorro Mayor Willie Gandara was indicted on corruption charges, and City Councilor Luis Varela was arrested in a drug bust. That's why Thursday night council decided to start a recall on those two elected leaders. Here's the catch, there's a group of people who want everyone thrown out of office.

"Outrageous spending, they have not taken into consideration any of their constituents concerns. All of them will be recalled," Maria Reyes said.

"We're going to recall the entire city council, and the Mayor too," Ralph Duran said.

That brings us back to the YouTube video that Councilman Jesse Gandara made. He says he did it to question the group's motives, and set the record straight, but isn't it slightly unconventional?

"The YouTube videos to a certain extent have a comedic viewpoint to them because this recall issue is comedic. There is a story behind it, and it needs to be entertaining so the community gets interested and can see the humor in it," Gandara said.

Humor aside, we're told the citizen group is beginning the paperwork for a very serious recall election on all of Socorro's leaders. Meantime, Socorro City Council is beginning their own recall on one of their own members and the Mayor.

Councilman Luis Varela is still locked up in the County Jail tonight. The first meeting to begin the recall process on him and the Mayor will be held Tuesday night.

See the YouTube video for yourself.

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The fact that the representative has actually posted something on YouTube in response to what's going on in his City is pretty pathetic. All he's done is add fuel to the fires that are burning in the hearts and minds of those that are obviously tired of HIS and the rest of the Mayor's and Council Representative's lack of performance.

Perhaps Representative Gandara has never heard the phrase, "Two wrongs don't make a right".

Another reason why all city council members need to be recalled.
A city council member twittering on what he considers good taste.
This man has no class and no professionalism.

that video is deliberately misleading and contains egregious errors of logic and grammar. this is how a city council member wishes to represent himself and his constituents? self-aggrandizing and poorly executed grandstanding is all this is. pathetic.

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