Could Warning Signs Have Prevented Death?

Could Warning Signs Have Prevented Death?
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 5:53pm

Experts Weigh In On Caballero Death

Yanira Caballero's murder has shocked our community, but what might have been done to prevent her violent death ?

News Channel Nine spoke to a domestic violence expert about how this may have been prevented.

"Not to focus so much on the tragedy of the murder also look at the relationship and see where things got started and even friends and family many not be privy to a lot of the things that were going on in that relationship before it escalated to that point," said Cesar Campa, the Community Relations Director for Center Against Family Violence.

At last night's vigil, family mourned the loss of Gia.

"We never expected this guy to do this to her. so you know to all the women just be careful to who you're with. We never thought this was gonna happen to her," said Laura Ramos. Ramos said that Caballero was an amazing mother to her 16 year old daughter. Caballero's daughter is from a previous relationship. Antonio Brown is not the father.

Cesar Campa says that warning signs are important in an unhealthy relationship.

"What happens is you see a pattern of emotional, verbal abuse that begins to start. You see financial abuse and then that leads a person to gain power or control over that individual," said Campa.

"I mean this is so sad for her to die this way and we're just gonna miss her with all the family," said Ramos.

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