Could Proposed Ordinance Help End Puppy Mills?


POSTED: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - 4:27pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 - 6:56am

EL PASO - In about two weeks El Paso city leaders are expected to vote on banning cat and dog sales in pet stores. Pet store owners say that would put them out of business, but others praise the ban saying it'll put an end to puppy mills.

"They're never socialized with any human contact, they're rarely fed. They live in piles and piles of their own feces and urine, and these cages are stacked on top of each other so that it's running down from one kennel to another," pet advocate Barbara Valencia said.

Valencia supports the proposed city ordinance that would ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores. She says if you've ever bought a dog from a store, despite what the pet store may have told you, it likely came from a puppy mill.

"They say that their puppies come from U.S.D.A. licensed and regulated breeders. They don't follow up that sentence by stating that even the U.S.D.A. has stated that these licensed and regulated facilities are puppy mills."

Valencia showed us a U.S.D.A. inspection report on these so-called licensed and regulated breeders. You may agree, the pictures in the report are appalling.

There is a dog that was never treated for a bite and had its leg rot away, and another dog that is badly covered in ticks. A picture of a puppy kennel that turned into a pool of animal waste, and the floor of a kennel that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks.

"Even through their own report as late as 2010, they do not have the man power or resources to inspect all the facilities and follow up with them," Valencia said.

Pet store owners in the Borderland have told us they're highly opposed to the proposed ordinance. They say it could put them out of business, but Valencia says if pet stores partnered with shelters to adopt out pets, it would lead to increased business.

The city council votes October 5th.

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Will this ban also mean that people who find a stray pet cannot place an ad to find them a home ? We didn't breed these animals an we should still be allowwed to place ads to find them safe loving homes an sometimes that means charging a small rehoming fee to keep them from being sold to labs. All my pets are fixed but I always end up with cats/kittens and dogs/puppies that are homeless, I place ads to find them homes, I do not sell them for profit. Am I suppose to just turn my back on them now?

If pet shop owners claim that they will go out of business, just because of no more selling puppies and cats out of puppy mills, GREAT! We don't need those kind of stores. This is an excellent step forward in animal welfare, if this law comes through and I hope ALL States from the USA will follow!

It's long over due that these un-ethical pet shops stop selling these dogs who have come from atrocious puppy mills or back yard breeders. They need to partner with shelters and rescue groups for the adoption of the thousands o already perfectly wonderful, homeless pets of every breed there who are killed weekly due to over population and owner surrenders.

Who is going to enforce the ordinance, and what is enforcement going to cost the taxpayer? Supposedly there was a budget crisis just a month ago. Police officers were threatened with furloughs and forced to forgo negotiated wage increases. Is that what the "saved" money is going to be used for?

Another hairbrained idea by the puppet and the puppeteer, Cook-puppet and Wilson-Puppeteer. Lets see how our city leaders react when PetSmart and other pet stores in their areas shut down and blame it on this clearly not well thought out boneheaded approach. Valencia sounds like a overreacting, misinformed animal hugger. Sounds like shutting down the logging industry in Reserve, New Mexico because of the spotted owl. Business is business, and if kept in check we dont need these people to dic

The one who is misinformed here is you, aroland7. PetSmart does not sell puppies or kittens, Pets Barn does not sell puppies and kittens, sveral smaller pet stores in the city do not sell puppies and kittens. So exactly how will they be affected by a ban on something they do not sell? The proposed ban is not "shut down pet stores". It is banning retail sales of puppies and kittens! These stores care about animal welfare and model their businesses that reflects this. Do your homework!

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