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Coronado HS Students Arrested


POSTED: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 7:44pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 5:12pm

Police: Boys Made "Verbal Threats" To Harm Administrators, Students

Two Coronado High School students, both 16 years old, are  in custody at the El Paso County Juvenile Detention Center, a day after their arrest. El Paso ISD police were waiting in Coronado High's main office to make the arrests Monday when the two boys were called in.

Allegedly, they'd made verbal threats against people within the school.

EPISD Police Chief Victor Araiza tells us the threats involved "harming administration and students within the campus..It was significant enough that it went beyond administrative intervention to where the administration took disciplinary action. It was serious enough that it went beyond that"

As police tell the story, a third student overheard the suspects' conversation, and reported it to the school office. That led to an investigation solid enough to place the two students in handcuffs.

Araiza continues, "If we have enough information to proceed with a criminal charge, we will do so"

Vernon Butler, EPISD's interim superintendent, also spoke about the Coronado situation today. "All of these things are going to be taken under consideration and it's very concerning to all of us. Again, we're here to educate our students, and we want to make sure they're being educated in a very safe environment."

Aside from possible criminal charges by police, Coronado High School will make its own decision about disciplining the accused students. That could range from no penalty at all, to suspension or even explusion from the school.

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Coronado HS Students Arrested due to they made verbal threats against people within the school.

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