Corn Mazes Struggle to Escape Drought

Corn Mazes Struggle to Escape Drought
Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 4:58pm

LA UNION, NM - Fall is the time of the year where people traditionally celebrate the harvest, and a successful growing season. But the ongoing drought is not giving farmers much to celebrate. Irrigated water supplies are a fraction of what growers are used to, and with very little rain, farmers are relying on well water to keep things green. But, the high cost of fuel to run the pumps to keep crops green are leaving farmers with less "green" in their wallets. Corn crops that form the walls of mazes are noticeably shorter this year. Even with ample supply of well water, the cold well water makes the soil temperature cooler, which stunts the growth of the corn. With additional rains, and several more weeks likely before the first frost, this year's shorter corn stalks could make up some of the height difference.

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