Convicted Killer David Wood's Hearing Continues...

Convicted Killer David Wood's Hearing Continues...

POSTED: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 5:38pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 14, 2011 - 6:49am

Average intelligence. That's how a corrections employee describes convicted killer David Leonard Wood.

Cheryl Whitesel interacted with Wood many times and says she would not characterize him as mentally retarded.

Wood's defense is trying to prove he is retarded because under U.S. law, a mentally retarded person cannot be executed.

Whitesel says Wood is a very good artist and that he can follow orders.
Whitesel said, "He does what I need him to do, like filling out a form."

But during cross examination Whitesel admits she isn't qualified to determine anyone's mental health and she also helped him fill out several forms from his pod.

An escort officer from the corrections department took the stand and admitted he's seen Wood get angry. He describes him as a confident man and doesn't think he is slow.

The officer claims he has worked with inmates who he considered slow because they couldn't hold conversations with him, but Wood could communicate.

Wood's defense rebutted his testimony by asking him if he is trained and qualified to judge whether a person is mentally retarded, but the officer said he wasn't.

Wood was on Texas death row for killing several girls more than a decade ago and burying their bodies in the Northeast El Paso desert.

Prosecutors plan on bringing more witnesses and one expert to testify in Wood's hearing.
If wood isn't found mentally retarded, he could face the death penalty as soon as 31 days after the verdict.

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Plus who could do well in school with ADD back in the 60s, the schools didn't provide as well for kids with special needs, no wonder he didn't learn- his teacher testified he was put in the sandpile to play so he wouldn't bother his classmates he was so hyper!

Yeah, but Wood also got a 111 and a 101 on IQ tests, and like 6 instructors from the community college he attended (where he got As and Bs) all wrote that he was smart and did above avg work. Plus all the vocabulary he uses in his letters- like vindicate, brandishing, spittle, flaunt, swooned, strife- and his letter even admitted "we al know the retardation issue won't work." He's just faking dumb now to save his life. So what he got held back in gradeschool and dropped out of high school?

David Wood was convicted on statuatory rape when he was in his late teens and his girlfriend not above the age of consent. Wood was a very attractive man and the girls loved him. Stop making Wood look like a Boogie Man lurking thru the window just to get higher ratings, KTSM. His prior conviction on relations with a slightly younger girlfriend should have nothing to do with serial killing, which is two different ball games. I know he learned it was wrong when he got out of jail for that.

David Wood has progressive or a deterioting brain disorder.

he's not mentally retarded, He is just trying to get out of the death penalty. Anyone who believes him is mentally retarded.

Another PHd and author of this article said that the mentally retarded can obtain a driver's license and that "mentally retarded individuals are able to develop academic abilities up to the sixth grade level by their late teens. Accordingly, having a driver's license does not automatically rule out mental retardation."

A Stanford psychiatrist testified on record that David Leonard Wood is in fact mentally retarded with an IQ less that 70. Another psychiatrist, said that mentally retarded people can learn anything like learning to play an instrument, drawing and obtaining a driver's license and these things have absolutely NOTHING to do with intelligence but with persistance.

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