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Convicted drunk driver awaits sentencing in death of 2 teens

Convicted drunk driver awaits sentencing in death of 2 teens
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 2:47pm

A jury handed down their verdict Tuesday afternoon convicting a man who hit and killed two teens while driving drunk nearly two years ago.

After just two days in court, and less than an hour of deliberations jurors found 34-year-old Hector Tellez guilty of intoxicated manslaughter and aggravated assault.

On one side of the aisle, there were expressions of joy and relief. On the other, was a family in grief.

Earlier this afternoon, both sides presented their closing arguments to the jury. Hector Tellez sat motionless.

As NewsChannel 9 had previously reported Tellez was driving drunk on Loop 375 back in July 2011 when his truck slammed into two 16-year-old boys who were on the side of the road helping a friend with car troubles.

The two teens, Aaron Carrillo and Jonathan Cervoni were members of a Christian rock band who were returning home from a church concert the night of the accident.

A close friend and bandmate of the two victims was in court Tuesday, who was also a witness to the accident. He testified in court during the trial and said while he had been dreading this day for a long time, he was glad justice was served.

"After I went through it all, I was really nervous on the stand, but after I got finished and even right now, I feel relieved that everything is finally done," said Ryan Bustillos, victims' friend and bandmate. "I believe in karma and everybody gets what they deserve."

Hector Tellez was taken into custody after the verdict was announced. Judge Patrick Garcia allowed him time to say goodbye to his family.

The Tellez family didn't want to comment on the guilty verdict. Jurors will return Wednesday morning to decide Hector Tellez' punishment. He faces up to 20 years in prison on each of the three counts.

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Let the jury verdict be a loud message to other offenders who insist on drinking and driving, and to their potential lawyers, that El Paso will not tolerate people who drink and drive. Two lives were needlessly taken. These teens families will never get over the loss of their loved ones. The one teen who survived will forever have the pain of this experience in his mind. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!

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