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Controversial Cop Put on Desk Duty


POSTED: Friday, November 12, 2010 - 1:44pm

UPDATED: Sunday, November 21, 2010 - 4:12pm

An El Paso police officer who's been sued at least twice for excessive force is now on permanent desk duty.

Officer Steven Smith is working in an intelligence center and not on the street after being accused of using excessive force. We're told the decision to put Smith on the desk came this week, but we weren't told an exact day. This comes three years after one incident resulted in a $15,000 lawsuit against the city, and a few days after another lawsuit was filed, and the same week we began running stories on officer Smith.

"It sounds to me like sweeping dirt under a rug, I mean, the dirt's still there," says a man who claims an El Paso Police officer beat him during what should have been a routine traffic stop three years ago. He fears retaliation and doesn't want us to disclose his identity, so we're calling him Miguel. The officer involved, Steven Smith, was taken off the street and put on permanent desk duty this week.

"It's a start," Miguel said. "It's definitely baby steps but steps nonetheless." He says he was surprised with the news of the lateral transfer, especially after he found out from a source in the department that smith was up for promotion.

"I've sat here for three years and absolutely nothing has been done, and I come to you guys and it seemed like almost immediately he's been transferred," Miguel said.

David Almonte, the deputy city manager for public safety as of October 1, says that he believes the 20-hour paid suspension for Smith was appropriate, and that the excessive force claims cannot be substantiated because you cannot see the incident in the video, you can only hear it. He also says that the planning for a new regional training facility for police and fire is underway but the design won't get approved for another couple of years. The training would include the proper tactics for vehicle pursuits and for high-speed chases, training that Almonte says is desperately needed in El Paso.

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You know people, they are good and bad police officers, but they are also good and bad people amongst us..thats just the way it is but we should be punish for our wrongs and actions. if they would of stop everythig would of been avoided and if the police officer would just do their job and not just because they are police officers over exagarrate their position it would of been avoided too!!! Lets not forget were we come from!???

An UNBIASED (operative word) review board to review Internal Affairs complaints would go a long way for the Payasos to gain back the public trust they seem to be losing. how many boys in blue would actually sign off on this NOVEL idea, Rep Lilly proposes? Come on big guns, and badges give us your imput on this.

Officers do not use force just because.They use force when they are being challenged,like evading arrest,fighting the officers because officers are not liked, of course,only when needed.All you who are against police officers have clearly done something wrong and got caught.If police officers were that bad,why do they get called over and over again to help the victims of crime.I am very fortunate to have a police department that we can count on everyday.

The cop had every right to use force cuz "miguel" tried to get away from being stopped. The video clearly shows that.

This story is not accurate. I do not know who Lindsey's source is but they were wrong.
Officer Steve Smith has been at his current office assignment since June of 2010. He was not transferred anywhere this past week.

The reporter will not report truth! El Paso now have a most deserving newly prormoted Detective Steve Smith who has not been assigned to desk duty as a result of the incidedent that for unknown reasons has been falsely reported & NEVER retracted!

It goes to show how much the public really knows, especially when some idiots depend on the media for their information.How many times has the media been wrong and people still listen.I guess Lindsey's source is another idiot who just doesnt have the accurate info, again!!!

And when is the mugshot for the thieve cop Madrid gonna be released? What is EPPD affraid of???

It was released over a week ago!! Crawl out of your rock

All of them a useless waste of space. So high and mighty, but when you really need them-they are nowhere to be found. I once waited two days before a cop came to my door after I called. My complaint was not a" priority call," even though it involved the safety of my seven-year old son. Went to follow up with the detectives downtown - and they were all out to lunch;all of them. Left my number and I'm stilll waiting for a call back. Theat was three years ago. I hate the EPPD. They are untrustwothy

Putting an [UN]intelligent cop on intelligence duty only further displays how intelligent our El Paso's finest can be. Shouldn't 'We Protect Our Own' be stenciled on all police vehicles?

Thank you, KTSM. People may hate the press, but you've put your powers to good use.

whatever people. these motorcycle riders should have stopped wehn they were told the first time..why you think they couldnt see the plates? because they are known to drive fast and run red lights..bunch of cop he cussed at them lord get over it

Excuse me IDIOT people...these sooo called "Idiot Cops" are keeping us safe....If you are not aware...El Paso is one of the safest cities in El Paso!!! Not all officers are straight but wouldn't you rather live here than in our sister corrupt city? Seriously...??

Kinda upset over The Chiefs allegations that your news reportings are out of line, kinda looks like THE PAYASOS are trying to do a major COVER YOUR A_ _, on this. Keep up the good work Lindasy, and dont forget, dont speed, if stopped be respectful to the Payaso.

Lindsay you are doing a great job of reporting A ONE SIDED STORY!!!

Do I smell cover up here?

Duh, had it not been for Lindsays reporting and drilling down into the Payasos incopentenance and exposing these cover ups, we would not haved this clown Almonte, now talking of better training. It is a small step in the right direction, if in fact it is going to happen, and we applaud it, but still we need to get rid of the good number of Payasos on the force which will continue to be abusive, and badge heavy. and Yes PAYASOS is the term to use until you incompetent guys still work

Cops and intelligence is a contradiction in terms.

just goes to show how much they these idiot cops getaway with.

Good its about time these cops are held accountable for their actions. They are not above the law. If it weren't for the TV station bringing things to light, it would just get swept under the rug...

blah blah blah,,all he did was cuss at these morons omg the world is coming to an end..these two idiots should have just stopped instead of trying to run

What is good about this? It hasn't been swept under the rug! It's only been PROMOTED FOOLS! The 5' bully Smith has been given MORE POWER! In the eyes of many good officers, Smith has now been HANDED a great position that a good Detective deserves! Intell officers gather INFORMATION on YOU, me & ANYONE they want! Who will police him now that he will be in plain clothes, Not in a police station, privilaged to a P.C. that has TOP SECURITY info.,? They've done it again & you believe it's good!

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