Construction Begins on El Paso's 1st Toll Road


POSTED: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 - 10:40am

UPDATED: Thursday, July 21, 2011 - 11:28pm

EL PASO – Construction is underway on El Paso's first toll road.

The work started yesterday to add two toll lanes to the Border Highway.

The work will cover a 9-mile stretch from US 54 to Zaragoza Road. The $55 million dollar project will take a little more than 2 years to complete.

If you drive on the Border Highway, you should watch out for lane restrictions while the project is going on.

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Mayor Cook oopps i mean crook take look at San Antonio always constructing better alternatives on freewasy an upper deck between Geronimo an Yarbrough would have been a better choice bears34

I use that section of the Border Highway every morning. I WILL NEVER USE THESE TOLL LANES When they are completed!!!! Especially after having to endure 2 years of construction. Last year, that section of the Border Highway was repaved and the commuters had to endure that construction for nearly a year. Now this. Spend this money correcting the interchange between Loop 375 and I-10. The idiots forgot to build the interchange!!! BAD BAD BAD and getting worse!!!!

Sure is alot easier for other people to spend your hard earned money. Seems when they get into office it's a deep pocket. They went after Fort Bliss to get more tax to deepen their pockets and who is fighting for us to keep this from happening? The General agreed to let them take from those no covered under the PX & Commissary. I hope this ends with a trial for those who are corrupt, I am leaving their are better states with less taxes. Good luck to those who have to endure this, US ARMY


Well that goes to show you that its time to kick these people in power and bring in people with ideas that will help our city grow. This is to big of a city to not have anything for fun and recreation. For example, what happened to Fiesta Texas. What happened to all those major companies that wanted to come down here. But they sure can spend 55 million dollars on a something that is not worth money spent on. I tell my daughter what she's going to do and she simple replies to the movies.

What a bunch of failures we have in city council. At this point they're just throwing stuff on the wall just to see what sticks. First it was loosing Western Playland to the state of New Mexico (what a slap in the face) then the fuheror & co. take our rights away at Music Under the Stars (instead of inforcing the laws in the books) and now this BS. Next election I encourage all the people of this great city to NOT vote straight Democratic ticket. Please lets take our city back. PLEASE!!!!!

then lets protest this project, dont just complain, lets exercise our CONSTITUTIONAL right to protest, we can take this all the way to the crooked Mayor Cook, and lets get someone else in office. Petition people, we need a petition.

All In A Nut Shell

Contractor and concrete company make millions off bribed toll road contract.

Bribed politicians make millions off sale of toll road contract at taxpayers expense.

Kick-backs and bribes. Buisness as usual.

Stupid, senseless.... This takes the cake, a toll road for El Paso.. $55 million project..Cmom folks couldnt you find something better to do with our money. Boycott the use of the Border Freeway.. excuse me the Border Toll road!@!!!!!

Are we serious? A toll road to go where? i have seen some funny stuff here in el paso but this takes the cake.

This is like the road to nowhere that they wanted in alaska!!!!
why dont take those 55 million and build a sport complex for our children and teenagers, theres nothing to do here so instead we build a 55 million toll road to go WHERE?


I will not take it...I'm done with taxation without representation. Mayor Cook and his thugocracy have made it very clear recently that they do not care about the wishes of the people they represent. I believe it is far past time to send them a message in return.

How powerless we are as the citizens of this city! The Gestapo tactics used by OUR elected officials as well as TXDOT to shove this project down our throats reeks of arrogance and in sensitivity. What part of we don’t want
a toll road do they not understand?

How powerless we are as the citizens of this city! The Gestapo tactics used by OUR elected officials as well as TXDOT to shove this project down our throats reeks of arrogance and in sensitivity. What part of we don’t want
A toll road do they not understand?

How powerless we are as the citizens of this town. To have the Gestapo tactics of telling us what is good for us. This is OUR home not Texas DOT. What is next, state leaders deciding that anyone over 40 should be killed in order to save benefits? How about only wealthy people driving on the roads?

Don't we have better things to do then pay for a toll road come on. It seem like everyone has there hand out these day can't even stop at a light without someone wanting money. When dose it stop.

that's mayor cook and ompany thinking for you , they don't know how to steal our money anymore

CROOKS, CROOKS, CROOKS. They finally got some toll road after failing all these years. After accepting enough bribes, back slapping, eye winking, political favors paid off with cushy jobs for family, all paid for of all the suckers that live in el paso. Why take a toll road, when already have roads paid for with our TAXES!!!! tHESE PEOPLE WILL NOT STOP, UNTIL THERE IS A TOLL TO GET OUT OF YOUR DRIVEWAY!!

I'm not sure that there are many people that would benefit from that shortcut. I live in Husdpeth County, and unless I'm going to the base for something, I never need to go any farther into ElPaso than the center that has the Lowe's-Walmart-Chase Bank-and Burger King. There is even an Auto Zone on Montana in Montana Vista, so WHY mess with the pollution, crowds, and parking hassles? THANK YOU City Planners for doing such a GREAT JOB of making life easier us in Far East ElPaso, and Hudspeth CO.

this is going to fail, although traffic can be headache at peak time El Paso is not that big of a city to place a toll road. This is a waste of 55 million that can be used somewhere else in the city. What a waste, bad spending, no wonder the country is going broke

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