Confrontation Between Taxicab Driver & Police


POSTED: Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 5:34pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 11:23am

EL PASO - A man took video with his cell phone camera after he says he saw police pull over a car and get confrontational with the driver. That's when the officers turned their attention to him.

Jesus Lopez-Ledesma says, soon after he started recording, an officer told him to stop. When Lopez-Ledesma asked officers why they wanted him to stop recording they gave him more than one reason. First they said it was for the safety of an undercover officer, and then they said it was for the privacy of the driver they pulled over.

"Well she's in public. How can she have privacy rights if she's in public? {the officer} said I'm going to give her your driver's license information {to the driver} so she can file a lawsuit against you," Lopez-Ledesma said.

On top of that, Lopez-Ledesma's supervisor was called out even though he was not doing anything wrong. Now he's worried for his job.

"It's coercions through intimidation. I didn't break the law," Lopez-Ledesma said.

"I'm sure there's several different ways this could have been approached," El Paso Police Spokesman Darrel Petry said.

Petry says Lopez-Ledesma's information was never given to the driver they pulled over, and after he watched the video he said the officers were not intimidating Lopez-Ledesma. That's despite the fact you can hear officers say things like, " I'm sure your licensing, your job, depends on your cooperation with the El Paso Police Department," and, "We know who you are."

"There's no reason for me, as a professional, to have my livelihood threatened, and I sort of feel obligated to keep recording and to make sure the El Paso police officers know that they're being watched and they're expected to behave in a professional manner," Lopez-Ledesma said.

Lopez-Ledesma has written a letter to several city councilors and the mayor to tell them what happened.

Spokesman Darrel Petry did admit that citizens have the right to film in public places, but he maintained that officers did nothing wrong.

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Jesus had every right to video these officers and the woman. None of them had any expectation of privacy. Jesus was not interfering in any way as far as I could see in the video and we're told he was on public property. It appears that because he stood up for his rights, the officers considered him "in contempt of cop."

On another issue, if Jesus was doing this on company time, so to speak, he could be held accountable by his employer. Could loose his license.

This is clearly a case of the El Paso police department not knowing the law. There is nothing illegal about video taping the police in public. Had they known that, they would have left Lopez-Ledesma alone and there wouldn't have been an issue.

Don't let the police or anyone tread on your rights as a citizen, especially due to something like ignorance of the laws they're supposed to be upholding.

don't give PD a bad name PD not like Juarez t hey not like Juarez not corrupted like Juarez good officers.

The crap KTSM comes up with to make the El Paso Police Department look bad? Safest city in El Paso, and all they can show is a taxi driver video taping a traffic stop? Whatever gets you the highest ratings! KTSM the ADVOCATE for the cartel and criminals of Juarez and El Paso! Way to shine.

This problem is nothing new. It has been going on for way too long. Unfortunately it has just now been reported by the media. Specially news Channel 9. I had made complaints back when Richard Wiles was Chief of Police yet Channel 9 said nothing. I actually worked at the station at the time. I talked to Ben Swann at work and he brushed me off once I mentioned Wiles' name. Two weeks later I was arrested for some false charges and lost my job.

I always try to back up law enforcement and give them the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately I can’t support their actions here. This report gives the public a candid view of our men in blue as to what's happening on the streets of El Paso. There is definitely a lack of training on the part of the officers: at least on this particular situation. Chief Allen needs to address this lack of professionalism and knowledge on the law and the officers could use some work on the treadmill and uniform.

If this scumbag is so worried about his livelihood, he should be driving his taxi and not be sticking his nose into things that are none of his business.

Does your redneck keep you from seeing that what happened to the woman driver could happen to you if not investigated by Chief Allen? And that the taxi driver actually did us citizens a service?

Watching this news coverage makes me question what is El Paso hiring for PD. The officers in this video clearly shows the involved police officers as abusing there badge by threatening the taxi driver and perhaps the person that was pulled over. I would think that officers are screen for psychological compentencies before hiring. Also don't they have to maintain some physical qualifications? One was a bit unhealthy. Get rid of bad apples, people need jobs in this economy.

How the hell does Chief Allen expect the citizens of El Paso to have any confidence in his police force when they act like uniformed thugs? Are there any standards of conduct; how easy is it to become a a member of the police department here in El Paso? I would imagine you just sign up and get fitted for a uniform, and what's with the overweight officer, physical standards are lax too. Quit making excuses for your officers Chief Allen, your losing the trust of the people your sworn to protect.

I'm tired of hearing stories where police officers of El Paso become agressive, intimidating,and with very little professionalism I don't know what's happening with our department but there is something going on and it is not good.Someone needs to look into it already first the EPPD closes its academy for several years now while reports of unprofessional officers commit acts that are not appreciated by us citizens who pay their salary.Someone needs to let them know and teach them how to run a tr

Unfortunately, these officers tarnish the reputation of other, very ethical and hardworking officers. Clearly they were trying to intimidate this citizen. Kudos to him for standing his ground. Bullying is bullying, whether it's in the schoolyard or on the street. Shame on them.

All of a sudden this guy became the police patrol. What are you going to do when you need them? Do you know what the cab driver did? The cab driver obviously did something unlawful. Stop wasting time on peddly things!

As for the commenter should try going on a police ride along and see first hand what the jobs entails and then you might gain some undertanding as to the nature of various calls they deal with! These officers are not Robo Cops...

The cab driver didn't do anything obvious?? You should open your eyes. And if you're such a know it all about police work your probably police or related. And believe me the commenter probably know more about police than you?

Just because their job is dangerous doesn't give them the right to abuse that authority the other 90% of the time. I don't hear stories of fire fighters imtimidating the people they are there to protect.

Even if you have a legal right to film in public, you can still get sued.

Society grants members of law enforcement enormous power over citizens to enable the police to keep the peace and to preserve social order. They are granted a great deal of freedom to use their judgment regarding which laws to enforce, when and against whom. This wide range of options and authority can lead to the abuse of their power. Some police officers come to see themselves not as simply enforcers of the law, but as the law itself....

This is clearly a case where the police officers were intimidated by the guy with the camera. Unfortunately this shows one of two things, either the police officers did not know the law themselves as it pertained to the person filming or they were really doing something that they were not supposed to do and were scared of getting caught. Either way nothing good comes out of this for the El Paso P.D.

If you pay attention, it is the man in the light blue shirt who made the remark, not the police officer. The officers may not have even been aware the male mter maid had made the remark. Also, if I was the person who was pulled over, I would not want the whole world knowing about it, it is MY business and nobody elses.

Ledesma is a nosey dirt bag that should've been arrested for tresspassing and obstructing.

You can clearly hear the police officer threatening the taxi cab inspector. This is so unprofessional but always and continuously happens with some of our local PD. Unfortunately, there spokesperson (Mr. Petry)comes on air trying to cover up another mishap of some of our Police officers who are given a badge and think they are beyond reproach. These bad apples unfortunately make all of our good officers appear unprofessional; when they are truly trying to do good for our community.

El Paso Police Officer, not all but many of you....change your ways or change your jobs. If you wear the badge, wear it with honor, be fair. If you don't think you are well trained to do your job, ask for help. Why are some of you afraid to be filmed? What are you hiding? You guys are not above the law. The citizens of El Paso are your bosses.

Get a Life.

For all the negative police critics out there, you or your loved ones are in danger, you will still call police first even though you trash them. Don't call and have the guts to handle dangerous situations yourselves!

Ledesma, you say for the officers to behave in a professional manner. You were heard on your camera being disrespectful and confrontational with the officers. How about you be professional and mind you own damn business. Sounds like you are trying to get a lawsuit for yourself going.

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