Complete Kitchen Cops Report for June 17


POSTED: Friday, June 18, 2010 - 9:22am

UPDATED: Friday, August 27, 2010 - 2:11pm

The NewsChannel 9 Kitchen Cops are on patrol exposing some of the highest and the lowest scoring restaurants from the week of 5/2-5/8.

Our top score on tonight's report is the Peter Piper Pizza on the 10600 block of North Loop. It passed inspection with an almost perfect score of 96. The kitchen here was almost spotless according to the inspection report. The inspector noticed a very minor violation: leaky sink.

Teto's Tacos at 7450 Gateway East scored a 93. An inspector said they found pinto beans in a refrigerator that weren't marked with a preparation date as required.

Now let's get to some of the restaurants that failed inspection. That means they got a score of 69 or lower. First on our failing list is Tortuga's Sub and Lounge in Downtown El Paso at 702 Myrtle. it scored a 68. violations here included cheeseburgers and beans not being kept at the right temperature. That's one of the most serious violations because potentially hazardous food that isn't being kept hot or cold enough can grow dangerous bacteria that can make you very sick. An employee was seen not using soap and just rinsing his hands in a dish washing sink. Later the inspector said they noticed that same employee not wearing gloves and touching cheese with his bare hands. There were food particles on a skillet. And there was no thermometer to test food temperature. Over the phone the owner told us all of the problems were corrected within 24 hours and the restaurant passed re-inspection. The owner even re-trained staff to make sure they all understood what the health department requires.

Next up, Rock and Roll Cafe at 2138 Cypress failed inspection with a score of 62.
An inspector said salsa wasn't being kept cold enough and beans on a steam table weren't hot enough. There was moldy jalapeno in the refrigerator. And the inspector said chile rellenos in the fridge weren't marked with a preparation date. There were two files in the dining area and the spigots on the soda machine were dirty. This restaurant also passed re-inspection.

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