Community honors hairdresser killed in car crash


POSTED: Saturday, November 16, 2013 - 11:35pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 11:25am

A memorial now stands, where 29-year-old Gabriel Morales once did, at Wild Hair Salon in east El Paso.

"Exceptional hairdresser, person, friend, co-worker. He loved what he did. He had passion. He loved his clients and his clients loved him," said salon owner Chris Sanchez.

Morales was killed after police say a suspected drunk driver went the wrong way on I-10 and Zaragoza, and collided head-on with Morales, last Thursday.

“Devastating, because we need to stop the bloodshed because of drinking and driving. We have choices," said Morales' sister Veronica Herrera.

Sanchez recounts the day he found out that Morales had passed away.

"It could not be Gabriel. Gabriel is the nicest person I've ever met," said Sanchez.

Morales' clients and family leave flowers, candles and photos to honor the memory of someone taken from this world too soon.

“My brother had a special way of touching people. I mean this is what he did. He wanted people to look good," said Morales.

Morales was hairdresser at Wild Hair salon for more than ten years.

"Tall, handsome man walking in. A smile. His laugh. He's a big presence. It's gonna be hard. We're gonna miss him," said Sanchez.

If there's one thing this family has learned, it's forgiveness at the hardest of times for the person that allegedly cut Morales' life short.

"We're always praying for him, nothing but peace," said Herrera.

For now, the Morales family can only hope others will learn from their loss.

“Don't take your loved ones for granted," said Sergio Morales."Memories we will cherish forever. He's gonna be greatly missed.”

The salon will have to continue their day to day without their star.

"One day at a time. We'll do one day at a time," said Sanchez. 

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