Community colleges struggle for more money

Community colleges struggle for more money
Monday, January 28, 2013 - 10:50pm

Community colleges across Texas have seen growth over the past several years.
Proposed budget cuts in the Texas Legislature could make it harder for community colleges.

It's hard taking classes and working full time, but Luisana Bernal says it's worth it.
She takes two classes at the Rio Grande Campus of El Paso Community College.

"I like it because you get better communication with your professor and there's less students and you don't get too intimidated by asking questions," Bernal said.

With proposed budget cuts to community college funding, Bernal's favorite part of community college, small classes, could be lost.

"The picture in Texas as far as community colleges in our state has improved significantly compared to the last legislative session," said Dr. Ernst Roberts of EPCC.

He just got back from a senate finance committee meeting.

"The Comptroller is now suggesting cause of the improving economic climate Texas is anticipating a modest surplus," said Dr. Roberts.

That could mean good news for Texas community colleges, but they'll have to fight for their money.

"All of us who experienced rather severe cuts during the last legislative session are going to be vying to get a piece of that surplus," Dr. Roberts said.

Winning that fight is the only way to keep students like Luisana coming back for those small classes sizes.

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