Colorado Fire Evacuees Return

Monday, July 2, 2012 - 12:49pm

"We could be saying goodbye to our house for all we know," said Dave Marlor as he evacuated his Mountain Shadows, Colorado home along with his wife Sheryl and their three boys.

The Waldo Canyon Fire was suddenly moving toward their home and hundreds of others.

It was approaching so fast the family had just minutes to grab what they thought was important and go.

"The heat you could start to feel the heat on my face. It was like standing really close to a campfire and I'm going this is not the heat of the day. This is the heat of the fire getting closer to us," Marlor recalled.

When safe with friends, his family watched and read media reports for hours.

"When we saw some of the pictures that were posted on the internet that night I thought our house was gone," Marlor said.

One of the most discouraging showed their home standing but surrounded by other homes on fire.

"We realized that this is our house right here and that across the street in our cul-de-sac that these houses are burning and all this is in flames," said Sheryl Marlor.

There are over 340 homes so far that have burned, but even though they are still not able to go back to their neighborhood they know their home is still standing.

They've been busy studying pictures including aerials they have found on the internet.

They also have gotten photos from friends.

After the inferno they witness they are amazed and happy their house is still standing.

"There are mixed emotions," said Dave Marlor.

There are also feeling of loss and sorrow.

The Marlor home is surrounded by the burned remains of friends and neighbors homes, many who they have known for over 20 years.

They are going back to a neighborhood that has been destroyed.

"How do you restart. You're going to go back there and live in your house and look out and there's nothing standing in front of you and an occasional house here and there. How can you ever feel normal again," said Sheryl.  

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