Cocaine and marijuana found inside New Mexico dog

Cocaine and marijuana found inside New Mexico dog

POSTED: Friday, January 10, 2014 - 9:46pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 12:58pm

Officials in New Mexico say a dog tested positive for marijuana and cocaine, and even though the dog's owner is adamant that she did not give drugs to the dog, she will not get the pooch back.

Arlene Saiz showed pictures of 8 month-old lab, Maddie, snapshots of better days before the dog got sick.

"She was falling down. She couldn't keep her balance, That's why i took her," she said about her dog.

Saiz rushed her to a vet Tuesday night.

"The lady said, she has marijuana in her system," she said.

It got worse.

"She says, okay, now we have a situation. She now has high amounts of cocaine in her system and I was like how is that possible. I didn't know what to do" Saiz said when describing her interaction with the vet.

The city is caring for the dog. It's having seizures and has an infection. City officials say Saiz "surrendered" her rights to the animal because she couldn't pay for its treatment.

Saiz claims she was distraught and was advised signing the waiver was the only way to keep the dog alive. She says it was confusing. "I want her back because my daughter is devastated," she now says.

The city says it's too late. Officials add Maddie wasn't licensed or spayed.

Saiz says she loved that dog. "I would do a drug test if I had to," she said.

The dog apparently spent a lot of time in the backyard. Saiz suspects someone tampered with its food.

She says a trip to save her "friend" ended in heart break and she's embarrassed. Investigators came to her house, concerned about the welfare of Saiz's daughter. "It's making me look like the bad person," she said.

Saiz won't be charged. The city says there wasn't enough evidence to prove she drugged her own dog.

Maddie is going to be okay. The city says she'll either be handed over to a rescue agency, or put up for adoption. Since Saiz signed the waiver, and the city says it can't be reversed, she won't be able to adopt another animal from the city for a year.

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