Class Schedule Problems at Ranchland Hills Middle School


POSTED: Thursday, September 23, 2010 - 4:46pm

UPDATED: Saturday, September 25, 2010 - 9:59am

After attending classes for three weeks, about 50% of students at Ranchland Hills Middle School had to change course, literally.

Cristina Esparza says that she has been concerned about her class schedule.

"They changed my schedule completely. They gave me only two Pre-AP classes so I had to go to the principal and ask for my classes back," Cristina Esparza said.

Parents like Trinidad Rodriguez say they're concerned with how many classes have been changed.

"He has changed classes I think four times already. They changed math, history, science and now he's in orchestra," Rodriguez said.

Other parents like Lila Esparza feel their children will be playing catch up for a while.

"But now they are losing time which is very important. Because the day of the changes, the students didn't do anything. The next day to get adjusted, they did nothing," Lila Esparza said.

Not only are classes being changed, but new school supplies have to be bought.

"Many of their parents came to complain about it. Because they had to buy the supplies for different classes and their old classes, that's just money not refundable," Cristina Esparza said.

The school sent a letter to parents letting them know of the new changes and said they're all due to overcrowding.

Patricia Ayala is Ysleta Independent School District's spokesperson. She spoke to the principal to find out what happened.

"We can tell the parents and the students that there will be no more schedule changes. The schedule will stay put," Ayala said.

YISD also addressed the school supply issues.

"What we have said is that there will be no school supplies that should be needed for any new changes," Ayala said.

If there are supplies that are needed, the principal will take care of it.

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If the superintendent does not get involved then they should go higher up. It is his job to make sure students get the best education possible. Not just for the best ranking schools. Ranchland teachers just not prepared. They are letting some one else take the rap. Step up TEACHERS WHERE IS THE PRINCIPLE?

Some teachers did step up but told to deal with it as were students. YISD officials mislead its viewers and coverage. Parents were told of changes AFTER they were made. Students were unaware until that same day. Majority were angry,some were in tears. Student/teacher bonds were forming. @nd time in 3 yrs. this has occured @ this school. Why wasn't overcrowding classes addressed during pre-registration and summer months. Why isn't principal held accountable. YISD sweeps everything under the rug.

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