City Wants Your Ideas About the Future of El Paso's Flea Markets


POSTED: Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 10:43am

UPDATED: Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 6:47pm

EL PASO -- Do El Paso's flea markets need a face lift? If so, changes could be coming to the rules regulating how those flea markets operate around the city.

A spokesperson with the city's Environmental Services Department said the city plans to re-evaluate current ordinances regulating flea markets to see if any improvements or changes should be made.

A meeting is planned next week at City Hall to give the public a chance to provide input and ideas. The city is especially interested to hear from flea market property owners, vendors and flea market customers.
The issues the city wants to look at include flea market operator permits, vendor licenses, booth standards and bathroom facilities.

The public meeting will be held Wednesday, July 21st at 6:00 p.m. in the 10th floor conference room at City Hall.

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We dont know why Susie Byrd, it's so interested in closing the Northeast Flea Market. First she closed the North Park Mall Flea Market,arguing that it was to dirty & that the vendors left trash,being a total lie.Once that Flea Market closed it was vandalized, you can find graffity in the walls and now it is a mess.If we really want to see a beautiful city then WE should all get together & make a nice/clean fleamarket, where people could enjoy a sunday with the family & increase the economy.

need major clean up in downtown and in respect for hard working citizens of el paso....

El Paso Flea Markets definitely need a face lift. Downtown El Paso flea market areas seriously need to be re-done such as new tarps, better booths, park-like sitting areas, bathrooms, etc. Fox Plaza Flea Market could use cleaning crews while the event takes place, too much trash flying around, etc. I think it's about time.

El Paso Flea Markets do not need a face lift! They just need to go! Vendors leave all their trash behind which then gets blown into streets and other properties! It's an eyesore!!!

I don't mind flea markets around El Paso. However, a large portion of downtown's(south part)appearance looks like a huge flea market, and business owners need to clean up this area. This part of downtown needs to look far more presentable, not only to its residents but to other people visiting El Paso.


El Paso is a nice City and would be even nicer if it had a State park with a big man made Lake where residents can fish,boating jet skees etc...

we did have a man made lake years ago out on the east side but..........

City council sticks their noses into our business every waking day. They are evil to industry and want to turn us all into perverts. Vote them out!

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