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City Supports Water Conservation Efforts

City Supports Water Conservation Efforts
Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 8:42pm



The City of El Paso is behind the El Paso Water Utilities to assist with water conservation at certain parks. The parks in question are those supported from wells mainly fed by the Rio Grande. 

The affected parks have been grouped into three categories:

Category 1 - Parks that are Sports Fields (which are moderate to high use) and very highly used by the surrounding community.
For example: Memorial Park, Alta Vista Baseball Field, San Jacinto Plaza, and Cleveland Square
• 70% reduction the last two weeks, 25% reduction next week,
25% reduction this week

Category 2 - Parks highly used and provide the only significant green space in their area. For example: Newman, Madeline, and Mundy Parks
• 100% reduction (no watering) two weeks ago, 75% reduction last week, 50% reduction this week

Category 3 - Parks not as highly used and in some cases have little to no Greenspace. For example- Sunset Heights and Edgemere Median
• 100% reduction (no watering) two weeks ago, 90% last week,
65% this week

Additionally, system-wide, all park watering is being reduced by 20%. General Services will do this the remainder of the summer, or until the area receives substantial rain.

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