City Revokes Lease For East El Paso Shopping Center


POSTED: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 9:43pm

UPDATED: Sunday, March 6, 2011 - 3:07pm

EL PASO - Businesses in a popular shopping center may be forced out in next coming months, including a controversial bar.

Tuesday, the City Council voted 6-2 to revoke the lease of the Hawkins Business Plaza.

The city and airport own the land and leased it out to a developer, who then leased out the property to business owners.

Council leaders say the developer did not meet his obligation of to keep the shopping center a "first-class shopping center."

One business in particular, the 3-Legged-Monkey, has been in the spotlight; especially after a shooting that killed a Fort Bliss soldier this year.

Neighbors in the Cielo Vista area have complained over the years about noise and parking issues associated with the bar.

The owner of the 3-Legged Monkey, Michael Armstrong, says he doesn't agree with the decision.

"I think it sends a strong message to all small business owners. I think it basically tells them that you could be bullied by the city. You can be doing everything right and the city will still take action," said Armstrong.

The developer has 30 days to show council he is complying with the lease.

After that, council will make an assessment and possibly go to court.

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It's about time! If any of you people lived in the area and had to put up with this every weekend, you would be upset to. This bar did nothing to work things out with the people in this area.

And how the hell can this be a "classy" place? You have shootings & fights, look it up on youtube. Im glad city council stepped up and did something to help these people that live in the area.

THis is AWESOME!! its about time the city recognized their good citizens, let them all go drink in Juarez. Great Job !!! Mayor Cook

on 104.7 they said that the three legged monkey was a classy place to go and that they had high volume of visitors of classy people for example lawyers, judges, and doctors. but if you look over the years several of the high maintance people were indited for bribary, theft, sexual favors and molestation and taking out guns. so now you tell me is the three legged monkey bar still a classy place visit. so i guess evey dog has its day..................................... STAY CLASSY

Of course people from the Cielo Vista Neighborhood Association show photos and videos because they spend their lives sitting at the 7-eleven across from the bar, sitting on lawn chairs and videotaping. What a waste of time and energy. Obviously people with no life. Their personal vendetta against Armstrong is well known, especially the one from Mrs. Borunda. Has anyone made John Cook aware that the DEA raided Armstrong's home last week on a false tip?! This has gone way too far!

If we start closing businesses in town because a person was shot it's going to be a long hard summer in El Paso. This is the beginning of things to come for our little border town and with the population explosion and nobody asking who's who, from soldiers returning with PTSD to "Mexican nationals" "relocating" from Juarez, it's going to be a lot of empty strip malls.

How is it that the city is in a commercial business? Is it a good thing that government is in competition with the business world? I'm not so sure about that.

This is unfair to the owner. No one can be responsible what happens in a parking lot. What if it would have happed outside of Walmart or a Mcdonalds, would the city shut them down? The city is taking this personal. Thats why not many outside business want to deal with El Paso.

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