City Representative Eddie Holguin responds to Shawver Park light display criticism

City Representative Eddie Holguin responds to Shawver Park light display criticism

POSTED: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 5:27pm

UPDATED: Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 11:13pm

When the switch was flipped last Friday for the first ever lighting display at Shawver Park in the Lower Valley, many El Paso residents said they were under whelmed.

El Paso City Representative Eddie Holguin held a press conference Wednesday to respond to recent criticisms over the Shawver Light display. Holguin, who proposed the project November 12th, has come under recent criticism after the city approved the $25,000 needed to produce the holiday display.

On Tuesday, the display came under national scrutiny after CNN's Robin Meade poked fun of the display HLN network's "Morning Express" show.

Holguin responded by saying "I take full responsibility for the humble display of lights at Shawver Park."

Holguin argues that the original $25,000 estimate is well above what the actual cost will be. Holguin broke down the costs as $11,000 for lights and an additional $8,000 for security. Holguin says that El Paso Parks & Recreation Department was in charge of selecting and installing the display.

When asked if $11,000 worth of lights are currently installed at Shawver, Holguin said he did not know, and that Parks & Recreation would have to confirm the estimated total amount of the lights currently installed at Shawver.

El Paso Parks & Recreation interim manager says that budget and time constraints are the reason for the lackluster quality of the display, which usually requires six months of preparation prior to the big reveal. EP Parks & Recreation had just over two and a half weeks to complete this display after the city approved the budget.

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Maybe if he(the interim manager) had spent a little more time thinking of how to display, the lights in a more concentrated area to make a display that was elaborate and awe inspiring...maybe it would've been worth the money, but...letting the El Paso Parks and Recreation just put up the display and having the excuse of 'there wasn't enough time to plan them' is such a cop out. If someone had had any kind imagination,it could been better planned by just sitting down and thinking.

I had 2 days to light up my house and it looks better that the park

Rep. Holguin's response in taking full responsibility is both generous and humble. It doesn't take 6 months to do something tasteful and attractive. What it really takes is a bit of serious and dedicated effort, a touch of class and artistry, plus a sense of pride and ownership in one's work for one's community. Mr. Holguin has personally demonstrated these qualities time and again, yet the City lacked to fully support him and do likewise.

Streets need repaired in your district, (Valley View for one).Spending 25,000 Dollars for Christmas lights is crazy.

Give me $14,000 and I will have a bad ass display in 4 days!! 4 DAYS!! half a year to plan a nice christmas display. pfftt! LMAO!!

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