CIty Representative Being Investigated Misuse Of City Resources


POSTED: Thursday, May 12, 2011 - 10:39pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 16, 2011 - 2:09pm

EL PASO - Two days before the election, serious charges are being brought against City Representative Ann Morgan Lilly.

We were provided documents of City e-mails that show Lilly used City resources and employees for her campaign.

These documents show that since 2007, in her last campaign, her office aide received an e-mail from Jack Winton of Winton Homes through the city e-mail system.

Her aide at the time, Anthony Pearson, used his City of El Paso e-mail address to respond, and speaking on behalf of Lilly and her campaign, he asks Winton to fax the mass mailing promoting her campaign to a fax number.

News Channel 9 has not confirmed if this is a City-owned fax number though.

Another e-mail shows a current aide being used for this campaign.

On April 4th, aide Guadalupe Hernandez is seen responding to an environmental group.

Their e-mail is addressed to candidates for District One Representative about a Candidate's Forum.

Going against the law, Hernandez wrote the group back, writing on behalf of Lilly, that she will attend.

Why is this all a problem?

Because all city employees know, as seen in this e-mail, they cannot use City time or resources for any political purpose.

Lyda Ness-Garcia, Lilly's opponent, requested these records April 10.

She finally received them today, Thursday.

She says she's filed both a criminal police report with the El Paso Police Department, and a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission.

"Well, I always think it's important for voters to be able to have full disclosure, so that at this point they can know exactly what their current representative is doing with taxpayer money," she said.

We called Ann Morgan Lilly at her home, but she refused to go on camera.

In a statement released less than an hour before our 10 p.m. Newscast, Lilly said she's the victim of "false accusations."

At the same time, she said, "I have not seen the complaints."

She added, "I am confident that I will be vindicated."

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There is a difference between personal use for truly personal matters (call your doctor's office for an appointment, etc) but campaigning for re-election is not a 'personal' matter.
Lilly violated City Gov't Policy on political activities while on tax payer's dime.
Private companies may overlook such policies but City Council is not a private entity - it is a government entity funded by tax payers - A very different animal. Breaking Public Office Policies is a much more serious transgression

Where do they get the time in a day to scrutinize all the documents to suggest that inapporiate use/abuse of office hours used in regards to campaign fraud is found? OMG how many of us have used our "office" equipment to do things that are against company policy? Who does not like her? Sounds like an "Arditti" ! Yes it is now a verb to descibe BS in the City of El Paso

Although most people use their work email for convenience or any other reason, that does not mean it is OK, but is not the end of the world either. What I find more distrubing is that dispite the evidence, she wont take responsiblitly of her actions but she insists on "false accusations".

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