City Rep Eddie Holguin Apologizes


POSTED: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - 10:37am

UPDATED: Thursday, May 6, 2010 - 4:28pm

 El Paso - City Representative Eddie Holguin  apologized to City Representative Carl Robinson today for comments made after a contentious meeting in which city council adopted a condemnation resolution against Arizona.

Those comments appeared in a local publication.
"My comment to Carl Robinson made reference to our inability to come together and deal with a variety of needs presented by different segments of our community. However, the way my comments sounded, seemed to imply a racial animosity. I do not believe Mr. Robinson is motivated by anything except his love of America and what is best for his constituency," said Holguin.
Rep. Holguin called Rep. Robinson to apologize.

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All i know is his views are only for his gains but the lack of disregard in trying to halt freetrade betweeen businesses out-of-state is just wrong. I know theres a law suit somewhere in there waiting to happen. I hope AZ sues El Paso for this so the city and county can learn their lesson. Your country and state and its citizens come first before your own re-election.

Which i doubt will happen after this.

holguin should apologize to all his constituents who abide by this law as well. he has shown us who is really racist and pro law breakers!

Such a debate between city reps with no real impact. Why even talk about this? So they extend rights of border patrol to police. . .should we eliminate border patrol altogether? What is the problem here?

It's called bullying. It happens all the time. "If you don't do what I want you to do, I will do everything the tax payers will let slip by until I get what I want." Elections are coming. Elections are coming.

Did you see the latest headlines about Carl Robinson not having a drivers license or current registration? Could this finding be part of the bullying? Doesn't matter, local politicians don't have to obey the laws, just rag on other states that try to.

I can’t believe this guy represents El Paso. He acts more like a representative of Mexico. What do we care what Arizona is doing. We should be happy that they have the you know what to enforce Federal Law. If people don’t like it they, can always go and change laws in Mexico. Why is it that the only people that ever complain are people from Mexico? It’s a law for all undocumented aliens. You don’t see people from Guatemala, El Salvador, China or any other country complaining. I think Mexico has

Wow your ignorance is astonishing. To begin with theyre going to be enforcing a state law. I had more to type but your obviously a lost cause.

Mr. Robinson has demonstrated throughout his life his love for America and wisdom in pursuing what is best, not only for his constituency, but for all citizens. Mr. Holguin, by apologizing to him, has possibly shown he can learn from Mr. Robinson. I certainly hope so.

If you were doing what you are paid to do, representing El Paso, and nothing else but your JOB on MY DIME, this would not have happened. I am not asking for much, just that you DO YOUR JOB.

Eddie Holguin is such a waste...All he does is whine and posture to the media without saying anything of substance. I am not a fan of Carl Robinson either but at least he keeps his mouth shut.

I am appalled at the racial comments Rep. Holguin made against Rep. Robinson. This is a free country and he should be allowed to go against the vote of city council. Now, in my opinion Mr. Holguin should not only apologize to him but to the black community. Just like he has decided to segregate Arizona as one, then Mr. Holguin has just done the same by making a racial comment against Rep. Robison. Soon Mr. Holguin would be asking this community to segregate on basis of race. Shame Rep. H!!

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