City of El Paso Condemns Arizona, Calls for a Boycott


POSTED: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 - 6:20pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 24, 2010 - 2:16pm

EL PASO, TX - Protesters say Arizona's new immigration law will lead to racial profiling. Supporters argue it's not a matter of skin color, but immigration status. Either way the city, like the county, has now taken a strong stand against the law.

At first, the city's resolution only condemned Arizona, but counselors added a boycott at last minute and approved the measure.

Representative Carl Robinson was the only one to vote against it.

"I would think that Representative Robinson would have supported the stopping of racial profiling of the Mexican-American community," Representative Eddie Holguin said

Holguin wrote the resolution. He didn't write the boycott, but he supported it. Other city leaders suspect that's why Robinson didn't vote for the measure.

"He did not voice an opinion or state an opinion as to why he opposed it. It may have been because of the partial boycott issue," Mayor John Cook said.

We looked for Robinson after the meeting, but it appears he left with out taking questions.

The mayor said he's aware people might think of El Paso as a sanctuary city, but he said if people are afraid to talk to police because of their immigration status it could lead to spillover.

Now to clarify the boycott, it only limits city employee travel to the state of Arizona. It is not as harsh as the county's resolution calling for full ban on the state. Also unlike the county's resolution, the city's is calling for President Obama and Congress to tackle the issue of immigration reform in the country.


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Well, here's the thing.. this law is not well founded since it's giving LEOs the right to invade anybody's privacy by forcing anybody to produce papers simply because of the fact that they may look "suspicious." and, mind you, not all illegal immigrants are hispanic or hispanic looking, therefore, how are they addressing the possibility of any other illegal but non-suspicious (not hispanic) immigrants?

I used to be so proud that I was born in El Paso.

SB 1070 is not racist. It merely gives AZ the power to do what the federal law calls for but does not enforce.

Kudos to Mr. Robinson for making a stand.

It is so nice to know our fellow Americans are taking the side of "illegal aliens". Remember November.

You would think the city of El Paso would direct their boycott to the Federal Government!! Your speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Boycotting Arizona will only hurt many American hard working citizens. mr. Cokk you need to step down. I am glad I dont claim El Paso as my home town. Texas needs to wise up and create their own law as well.

Come next election, I will vote against anyone who voted for this resolution, its time to sweep out our local government.

El Paso is the most corrupt city of its size in the U.S. Its claim as "Safest City" is like saying Al Capone's neighborhood was pretty safe.

The nepotism and corruption in both government and banking in El Paso make it a true sister city to Juarez. They should have built the border fence straight down 375 and over Trans Mountain.

Enjoy the violence, the second rate school system, your county hospital tax and the honor of being named the worst customer service city in America.

They are setting up to target a specific race; this is the issue. AZ will be working on stereotypes. Maybe while they are at it they should stop all white, quiet,lonely men; they tend to be serial killers!How's that for selecting someone from the masses on stereotypes! Before a ruling as harmful as AZ's SB1070 is adopted by other other states we must look at the consequences of a "Slam Dunk" mentality that was obvioulsy not conscientious thought through by AZ's legislative leaders & protest it!


Robinson has my VOTE!!

I am thoroughly disgusted at the El Paso leadership. These guys are absolute idiots and amateurs. They don't know the first thing about community leadership. Its like posting a 3 yr old child behind a 50 caliber machine gun...with his finger taped to the trigger and the safety "off"...
I'm especially tired of the over-representation of Hispanic interests while city council completely disregards my (non-Hispanic) interests. You are so voted out next round...That is a promise!

This whole thing is wrong to me. What business is it of ours to get in Arizona's business. Glad to see where our tax dollars go. It is about time that a state finally stand up and say no more illegal immigration. If they want to come here, learn English, do the right paperwork I am all for immigration. But I agree with Arizona enough is enough. I know I will now change my vacation plans and make sure to spend my american dollars in Arizona.

I have never said this before.. I am embarrassed that these are our so called leaders..

There is an old saying for these people:

The heart is in Mexico,but their stomach is in the U.S.A.

Mr. Robinson just got my vote in his favor for the next election. He showed his courage and intelligence by not going along with the racist majority in this ill-considered legislation.
While I know he supports equal rights for all citizens of our great country, he has shown wisdom in his not supporting this disrespect for our laws.

mayor Cook...why do you feel Representative Robinson has to explain his vote? A vote is a vote...we Americans should not have to explain why we vote how we do!!!!!!

LOL!!! City council members are being told where they can and cannot travel????? Hilarious!!! The sad thing is that they're so stupid they'lll do what they are told. It would be a cold day in hell when my employer told me what I could or could not do on my own time.

HORRAY to all these posts!!!! To the city council are NOT my voice, you are NOT my opinion.......and if any of you had minds of your own, you'd be doing things very differently. No one on city council or commissioners court are very smart. What an embarrasement El Paso is!!! Why don't you all decide on how to beautify El Paso and to bring tourism here....this place is the armpit of Texas and YES!!~!! I'm born and raised here and I choose to stay thank you very much!!

Why can't the city mind their own business. There is nothing wrong with the Arizona laws, and this is Texas. If you are Illegally in the U.S. you need to get out. What about all the people who came to this great country legally? We are just slapping them in the face. Instead of creating new laws let's enforce the ones that are on the books already. If you come here illegally you are tresspassing and should be arrested. We need a sheriff Aparo here.

All of these boycotts are nothing short of stupid. They think they are hurting Arizona when in fact they are hurting the jobs of American workers. I have an idea, all of the USA should boycott Mexico. The State Department needs to declare travel to Mexico illegal and no more tourist for them. Also, boycott any Mexican products sold here. That will really show them how we feel.

The city of EP has so many discrimination lawsuits for discriminating against anyone who is not an hispanic male, they don't have the money to handle it. This makes alot of since. Of coarse they are going to be against sending their friends back to Mexico. They accuse racial profiling, but what is all the discriminating they are doing? We the people know all of the crooked politics that are going on here and we will be voting you OUT!!!!!!!

Can't Eddie Holguin read? Most of the people in this city support the Arizona law. He is ignoring what the people want. I guess he went to the Obama school of "How to Represent Your Constituents".
What the county and city councils have done is embarrassing. To oppose an anti-illegal immigration law means either that you haven't read it or you are just stupid.

How can you know that all the people in El Paso support the Arizona Law. Has anyone made a count and asked everyone in El Paso if they approve or disapprove of it. If there were more people against it the pressure would not be so strong against it.

WHy can't El Paso Just mind their own business. We have nothing to do with the laws in Arizona, this is Texas. There is nothing wrong with the laws in Arizona, and if we would just enforce the laws already on the books instead of trying to create new ones we would be alot better off.

leave it to our pathetic city council to do something stupid knowing that the city contracts outside the city and that includes ariazona, not anymore i guess. big city little town values and some other things

This is a sad day in history to know that our leaders both County and City support law breakers. They are bad role models and should be thrown out. Its not fair for those who came into this country and took care of business and are now here legally. If you are illegally here either take care of business or go home! All documents are in both English & Spanish. NO EXCUSE!! Racial profiling is a poor excuse to allow them to continue abuse of our tax dollars.
Rep Robinson, I applaud you!

Monkey See... Monkey DO!

I am so tired of this city government doing idiotic things. First it was the issue of legalizing pot, now this. If the people would only take the time to understand what this law is all about, then no one should have a problem with it. Everyone is screaming "profiling". I just have this to say, If you are a U.S. citizen, or have the proper documentation to be or live in the United States legally, then you should'nt have a problem with this law. I thought our city govt. was smarter then that.

I think this county/state needs leaders like Arizona. Stop being "COWARDS" Follow suit. I'm not from this stupid state, but at least I can see whats happening around lining their pockets with illegal money from the "NEW I.D.s" they sale to them, but yet they also want to complain about the drugs and they are doing their part in stopping it. How I wonder? What? Relying on the goverment to supply the equipment and agents to get the drugs in? Looks like it to me.....

We are going to boycott El Paso and Juarez! To many illegals in El Paso! I suggest that those who want to boycott Arizona go stand in Juarez, the city and country they love!

You would know that the El Paso City Council would follow the morons on the El Paso County Commission. What is really frustrating is the folks are suppose to represent El Pasoans. And funny as it seems a majority of El Pasoans support the law and understand that asking someone for their identification after they have been stopped for breaking the law is normal procedure. If you dont have a valid license or a passport you will be deported. Obeying the law priceless!

um... so city employees can't travel on personal business ?? or only for the city. goodness who does El Paso think they are any way?? boy we think we are SO important. get a life!

You pass the North Korean border illegally you get 12 yrs. hard labor, you pass the Afghan border illegally you get shot, you pass the American border illegally you get a job, driver’s license, allowance for a place to live, health care, education, billions of dollars spent so you can read a document. We carry passports in other countries or face jail time.

So now the whole state of Arizona is boycotted? That really makes sense. Talk about profiling.... City officials are dumb. Why don't they vote on something like bringing more tourist to this wasteland?

What a great idea! Let's hurt Arizona by slowing down their economy. Just think of all the lower-income workers we can put out of their jobs. Yeah! That'll show em how supportive of Latinos we are!!!

speak for your selfs. dont include all of ep on this. I think this is something that should of happend a long time ago. so get over it andget ready for Texas because the state looking to do the same thing. Amen on that!

not to mention ep looks like a bunch of idiots for wanting to boycott arizona,thats just stupid.

While your at it change the cities motto to:

"The city that any illegal-immigrant can have every benefit as an american raised and born citizen."

NOTICE! i said illegal-immigrant not a specific race.

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