City Manager's evaluation released

City Manager's evaluation released

POSTED: Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 9:44pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 21, 2012 - 9:14am

A full evaluation of El Paso City Manager Joyce Wilson was released Thursday.

In it, city council members criticized her over some controversial e-mails, including one sent to Rep. Cortney Niland where she wrote that Rep. Carl Robinson and Rep. Ann Morgan Lilly "have the beginnings of dementia" in understanding the baseball park issue.

She apologized for those e-mails last week.

Council members also claimed she withheld information from the public relating to the ballpark and didn't correct so-called misinformation from the Mountain Star Sports Group.

They also accuse Wilson of intentional oversight over deputy city managers.

Wilson has said she will be retiring at the end of her contract next year.

To see all their comments, click on the file attachment below.

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It seems to me that there is plenty of blame among the mayor and every single council member. They failed in their supervision of the City Manager so as usually happens in situations like this, she started getting all full of herself & so did her staff & some council memebers. Yes she was hired to manage the city but she does have supervisors = the Mayor & Council. I hope they have all learned a hard lesson, & that is that they all need to work together for the good of the people of El Paso.

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