City Leaders React to Chief's Comments


POSTED: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - 2:56pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 16, 2011 - 8:42pm

Several city leaders are reacting to the chief's comments.

We asked city manager Joyce Wilson and Mayor John Cook what they thought of today's press briefing.

Wilson says the chief always says they need more officers, and that the El Paso Police Department has enough resources to do the job.

"That's their standard response to everything and they know that that's like not realistic," Wilson said.

Mayor Cook agrees they need more officers but says the only way to do that would be to raise taxes.

"When you're talking about adding additional people you have to balance it because it's the taxpayer who's going to pay for those salaries," Cook said.

Both Wilson and Cook saw the "safest city label" as a double-edged sword, saying it prevents El Paso from receiving additional public safety grants.

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Fire Cook and get the MGR... Cook is a communist and thinks he can manipulate the US Constitution and then play games about trying to break the rights of the people then he tries to use and hide behind the homosexual movement even though the law applied to other persons such as common law spouces and cohabitant people not getting the tax payers to pay for them a free ride, the city is hurting for funds & this BRAINLESS COOK needs to be tried for TREASON AGAINST US CONSTITUTION DRIVE HIM out USA!

As a taxpayer and homeowner,I dont see the need for a City Manager as much as more police on the streets.

If we fire Wilson and get just five more officers on the street for her salary, we will be better off!

El Paso its too big now and there are too many emetgencies happenning at the same time especially on the weekends.Because of this, EPPD its taking for ever to respond to the nonemergencies calls. We need more police force.
I think its OK to raise the taxes in order to keep this city secured.

The safest city label isn't true and never has been. It is spin by the city and police department. Chief Allen is right when he says it will get worse in the future. It is just a matter of time until we have a major incident related to spillover from Juarez. It has long been in the shadows, but is coming to a head and it will happen. Our city leaders and media do us a disservice by denying the reality. More officers will not fix the problem. Better dispersement and training will.

All the while you spent 12.1 million on a bridge that will hold no real value to this city.

Tourism? Yah thats not gonna happen for a while until Mexico cleans up their act.

That money is just to build the bridge but what about the bottom line. The cost to maintain it the man power to run it? Where is that gonna come from. Tax payers yet again?

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