City Leaders Allow Businesses to Use Electric Fences


POSTED: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - 7:30am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 9, 2012 - 9:59am

EL PASO - City Council approved a measure that would allow commercial businesses in C-4 zones to use electric fences around their facilities. 

The measure is an attempt to help some businesses protect their property. 

Alan Schubert, a city engineer, said this could make the areas safer by making the businesses less attractive to thieves.

"Outdoor storage facilities, vehicle storage facilities. That's not a car lot that's like a place you would store a car if it's impounded or wrecked," he said.

Fences were previously only allowed in farm and ranch areas, but city leaders expanded the ordinance in an attempt to lower the number of crimes at industrial sites.

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UL listed fence energizers are completely safe, and harmless. It just hurts like hell. There are NO federal or state laws banning perimeter security devices based on a fence energizer. Plugging a fence directly into a power outlet is murder, yes, but stupid and unnecessary.

The bigger liability for the city/county/state is banning these devices, denying people the ability to protect their selves and property. El Paso banned these fences a year ago, in ignorance. Now they've fixed it.

There are lots of bussnisses around ELP that happen to have homes nearby. So now what is going to happen when say a kid throws a ball accidently into a bussiness like this and tries to get it back? He or she is going to get shocked if not killed! I would suggest making a requirment that asks electric fence making companies to paint them a brilliant color of sorts besides putting warning signs to prevent this from happening.

Dear idiots, this is against Federal law, and opens property owners, as well as the city liable for bodily injury..

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