City of Las Cruces will not renew red light camera contract

City of Las Cruces will not renew red light camera contract
Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 6:24pm

The City of Las Cruces announced late Tuesday afternoon they will not renew their contract with Redflex Traffic Systems who managed the city's red light camera intersections for five years.

The city currently has three red light camera intersections through an expiring five-year contract that would have renewed automatically for four years if the city took no action.

“We have no definitive data to convince us that the commonly called red light camera program is successful,” said City Manager Robert Garza. “So after close scrutiny and much discussion, we’ve decided to discontinue the program.”

The city did not have to take formal council action to end the contract but were required to notify Redflex 30 days before the contract expired March 30, 2014.

The red light camera program came as a result of the Safe Traffic Operations Program approved by council in September 2008.

STOP was intended to make streets safer and prevent crashes through the use of technology.

Las Cruces Police began issuing non-criminal citations of $100 in March of 2009 after the red light cameras were installed.

In the five years of operation there's been more than 83,000 citations issued totaling more than $8.3 million.

However, in a work session early February council learned they only receive $17 of the $100 citation after the state and Redflex receive taxes and fees.

The city has used the $1.4 million generated to buy 32 police cars and improve traffic lights.

City officials said Redflex is able to collect on about 66 percent of the violations but $2.6 million over the five-year period has gone uncollected.

The city said they will continue looking at other alternatives to continue with the STOP program but will no longer use Redflex.

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