City of El Paso takes measures to reduce wait times at bridges


POSTED: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 11:47pm

Crossing the international ports of entry can be tedious for daily users, the government accountability office report indicates that it usually takes longer for someone to cross the border than what's reported.

G.A.O. report states that

"Data on commercial vehicle wait times are unreliable for public reporting and CBP management decisions across border crossings"

The city is playing an important role in reducing wait times; city council approved two motions today, one to start negotiations with Camino Real Region Mobility Authority to oversee operations and two hiring a new bridge administrator.

"we're not trying to sell them give them away, lose that income, I don't want to lose the income from it but if we can find a better way to run the bridges I'll talk to anybody" city representative Michiel Noe said.

The budget proposal includes measures of infrastructure work in all the bridges, the hiring of more CBP agents using city funds, the implementation of an accurate system to estimate waiting times, the public access to cameras on the bridges and a commercial toll fee at the Bridge of the Americas.

"The commercial traffic that goes northbound use our roadway what we’re talking about is that when they go to inspection facility that they actually pay a fee in regards to the usage of our roadway"

According to city officials the importance of solving this problem is critical for El Paso’s economy.

"it generates one hundred thousand jobs in El Paso's distribution centers for drivers, etc, so If we If the ports of entry were faster, if cars could come across faster than probably more jobs could be created for every four jobs in Juarez that are created there's one in El Paso" city representative Emma Acosta added.

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