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City of El Paso aims to be more transparent with personal emails

City of El Paso aims to be more transparent with personal emails
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 7:32pm

The City of El Paso is opting for more transparency when it comes to city business conducted through private emails. The resolution was passed in Tuesday's city council meeting.

This comes after a public records request was made late 2012, asking for city council members emails exchanged from private accounts concerning thr Triple-A ballpark deal. The city is in a lawsuit over the issue.

This new resolution, as is stands, affects elected officials and will include "Any electronic communication created, transmitted, received or maintains on any device... If the communication is connected with official business."

City Representative Emma Acosta pushed for the resolution to also become a part of their ethics ordinance. "I'm also requesting that this item go back to the ethics commission and that the ethics commission make provisions to include this as part of the ethics ordinance and to determine what sanctions we can impose on individuals whether they're elected officials, whether they're board members, whether they are city employees -- what sanctions can be imposed to make sure that everyone is complying with this," Acosta told us.

Acosta also suggested that city employees undergo training once the resolution is adopted into the ethics ordinance. The ethics committee will brief city council in September.

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