City, County Resolutions Cause Stir


POSTED: Friday, April 30, 2010 - 5:04pm

UPDATED: Saturday, May 1, 2010 - 5:05pm

EL PASO--- A hot button issue, just made hotter here in El Paso.

The City and the County have drafted resolutions both showing disapproval for the law, which would allow arizona police to enforce federal immigration laws and ask immigrants for citizenship documents.

But what's inside the two resolutions is causing a stir.

In the City's resolution, authored by Representative Eddie Holguin, "... the City of El Paso calls upon our national leaders to agree upon comprehensive reform of immigration legislation."

The county's resolution, authored by Commissioner Willie Gandara, goes quite a bit further.
Until the bill is repealed the county,"... will limit any business dealings with the State of Arizona and will not expend public funds on non-essential travel to Arizona."

It also wants to encourage El Pasoans " boycott business dealings with business entities head-quartered in Arizona and travel to the state until Senate Bill 1070 is repealed."

"Why should that be allowed to affect local businesses? It doesn't make sense to me," said Ralph Dibonito of West El Paso.

"It would be a way of letting people know how they feel. I don't know if it will be effective or not, but it's a way to let them know how they feel," said fellow El Pasoan John Smith.

"Boycotting and all that, all the rhetoric and grand standing,what politicians are doing, is fine and dandy, but the problem is that it takes away from the bigger issue, which is comprehensive immigration reform," said Eddie Holguin.

We spoke to Commissioner Veronica Escobar earlier today.
She says while she supports not funding county business trips to the state, she hopes to amend the issue over boycotting local businesses.

Both resolutions still face changes at their respective meetings this week.

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Amazing instead of these idiots looking at what illegal immigration has done to our local school system theyre actually wasting their time condeming arizona for doing what texas should do. Wait a second how about we check "willie" and "eddies" papers before we take anything they say seriously. Since when do political figures use nicknames? William and Edward? Until we get people with proper sense or hell even proper names in office well never get out of dark ages here in El Paso.

As a taxpayer,in El Paso, I can understand the reasoning behind Arizona's decision to enforce an ignored law.I feel our nation can not afford to feed, educate and give medical care to so many of Mexico's citizens. If these immigrants do not want to obey our laws and enter the United States legally I don't welcome them here. As for me, my family and many friends we plan to support Arizona based businesses.The only people Ive met who oppose this law have problems proving their citizenship.

It is rather incredulous for any city, county, or states political offices to boycott a fellow state for simply enforcing and protecting its citizens, as was overwhelmingly desired by the citizens of Arizona. It is NOT the place of this city, county, or state to judge another sovereigns states right to take action simply because it is politically popular to oppose the action, by simple demographic. To propose a boycott is to start down the road to economic civil war. Think twice, three times eve

Where are El Paso's priorities? We should boycott local businesses that employ locals in order to show our support for people entering our country illegally (during a time of war, no less!!!)? OR do you think the employees drive from AZ daily to make minimum wage? How many hourly workers check on where corporate headquarters are before applying for a job? Just what we need - more El Pasoans laid off. Lets penalize people that WANT to work to show support for those who don't respect our laws.

So let me get this right. Our power players have an issue with illegal immigration when we are the prime example of what it can do to a cities short falls of city budgeting and among other things. Not only that the county wants to regulate free trade. Oh wait they said "Encourage" to not do business with Arizona.In one fellow swoop shows how irresponsible city and county are to this issue.

I have lost all respect for El Paso's city and county management players.

What is wrong with the leaders of El Paso.... Read the Arizona law it is just like the federal law. Texas should pass the same thing.

Luckily we could always vote them out

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