City, County Consider Resolution Against AZ Law


POSTED: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - 3:39pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 3, 2010 - 9:12am

EL PASO--- Some El Pasoans aren't taking Arizona's new immigration law lightly.
Local organizations, and even governments, are standing up in protest.

In the offices at city hall, the city attorney is already drafting a resolution to be voted on by council members, said Mayor John Cook. He says it will detailing their disapproval of a law some call unconstitutional.

In the resolution, council members will vote to say whether they believe the arizona law, which allows local law enforcement to ask for citizenship documents, encourages racial profiling, said Cook.

The City may call for their own boycott by prohibiting travel and doing business in Arizona, similar to a resolution passed by the City of Los Angeles.

It's good news to "Boycott Arizona" leader Jaime Abeytia.

"We've got the support of hundreds of people here in El Paso, and with the city and the county of El Paso considering resolutions to boycott Arizona, we're confident that number is going to rise," he said.

The group has begun their boycott against businesses like Peter Piper Pizza, Circle K and Cold Stone Creamery; all based in Arizona.

"We want to bring...economic pressure upon these businesses, so that they'll turn around and put political pressure on the state of Arizona to make an effective change on that legislation," said Abeytia.

The owner at the Cold Stone Creamery, 7040 N. Mesa, said people are coming in just to say they're boycotting his store. The situation is extremely concerning, he said.

While he couldn't speak to us on camera, representatives at their corporate offices released this statement.

"A boycott of Cold Stone Creamery is mostly burdening small business owners in local communities across the country. It is our hope that customers in turn continue to visit their local Cold Stone Creamery stores which employ staff of various ages and races" said spokeswoman Jami Thompson.

But for Abeytia and "Boycott Arizona," stopping their boycott is not an option any time soon.

In fact, they're expanding their list of businesses to include those companies that contributed heavily to the Arizona Republican Party; companies like J.P. Morgan Chase and Clear Channel Communications.

The group is planning two protests this week, to include the El Paso Republican Party headquarters and Clear Channel Communications building.

Meanwhile, City Council members and County Commissioners await their versions of a resolution to come across their desks.

No word on when the final version will be drafted, nor when they will vote on it.

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El Paso County is part of AZ?
Who knew?

I’ve got a better idea - make them hold their meetings in Juarez.

Turn off the lights on Abeytia's show !! Since Palo Verde Nuclear Plant that provides our electricity is in Arizona.

What a dumbaz.

If we boycot the shops in town, the people we are hurting is our own people, whether they are white, black or brown. this people are legal to work there and if the business don't do good they will get fired. Don't hurt people who don't deserve it.

This is the most idiotic thing. Where do the owners of Circle K, Coldstone, and Peter Piper stand on this law anyways? Why not also ban Arizona Iced Tea (Manufactured in NY) and Tombstone Pizza while your at it. Thats how much sense it makes. I'll attempt to look at it more objectively tonight after I head out for dinner, fill up with gas at Circle K, eat dinner at Peter Pipers, and dessert at Coldstone. Get back to ya when I get home. I hope Texas passes a similar law.

Oh yeah and do y'all remember that movie the day after tomorrow? I do. Without mexico over half of the usa would have been s.o.l. stuff like that really could happen. Where would you be then? DEPENDING ON MEXICANS IN MEXICO! I know a lot of mexicans that are both legal and illegal. They all work just as hard if not harder than any american. They work from before sunup till well after sundown every single day. They go to church on sundays and then start all over again.

chiquita, i think you are confused. There is a difference between being hispanic or mexican and being an illegal immigrant. There is good and bad of every race and I can see why this law was put into place. The movie the day after tomorrow is a hypothetical situation, not all movies should be taken so seriously. Not all mexicans go to church, there is loyalty but you are making it sound like all mexicans are saints. We are not. Being here illegally is a problem and so is racial profiling.

ummmm, the movie also showed that Mexico was trying to keep everyone north.

You do realize that "The Day After Tomorrow" was a movie and fiction right? Then, do you realize just how racist your comments are?

What I find funny is that about 6 out of every 10 people supporting this law, are mexican or of hispanic descent. Which means someone in their lineage was born in mexico and crossed the border so that they could have a better chance at life. So that they could be here today complaining about illegal mexicans and supporting that law. We are all on the same continent. No oceans were crossed for anyone to get here.

I bet that those 6 out of 10 "you" cite are also here "legally" and either they or their parents, grandparents, whomever actually took the time to come to this country legally. How do you feel about Mexicos Immigration laws? Do you call them out because they enforce those laws? I don't think so. It is nothing more than base hypocrisy. When you travel to a different country, and you are asked for your passport do you sit there arguing for hours at the "unconstitutionality" of it all?

Are all you fools having fun boycotting the sand and dust that is blowing in from Arizona?? Makes as much sense as whatever you are trying to boycott also.

It's sad that it has to come to this. But, I support Az. More power to them. Yes, my parents and grandparents immigrated frm Chih, but they became legal citizens of the USA. They learned to speak English and this was a long time ago. Now adays all these illegals get all the benefits that my children should be getting. And yes Alacran, I have seen some of these freeloaders with $700 worth of foodstamps with better cars than me. They know how to beat the system. Our taxes pay for their lazy butts!

If we permit illegal aliens to enter the country they will be using tax dollars that those that entered Texas legally pay. Illegal aliens don't pay taxes, they just drain the economy of benefits, i.e., food stamps, welfare, medical services etc. We can't afford to permit people who don't pay their way into the country. I'm a very proud American who worked all my life and never drew any sort of aid, not because I didn't qualify for it but because I chose to work instead.

In 1986, Reagan signed an immigration reform bill, the first in 20 years, that legalized the status for 1.7-million people. I think there was a time limit to apply. That time has come and gone. It shows that we need to close our borders and then kick out the non law abiding people, not make them citizens.

If you come into this country illegally you have already broken our law. So therefore you are a Lawbreaker in America! You should be arrested and then after jail time you should be deported!

I am an American citizen born of Mexican decent,(I even look like a Mexican),and I am PROUD to show my AMERICAN identification when asked.

As an American business person I will NOT hire lawbreakers! I WILL hire legal hardworking Mexican/Americans


And you can proudly show that "NOPAL" en la frente papa!! jajajaja wow all of a sudden every Mexican American does not break the law!! To be honest with you I am an American FULL blooded MEXICAN born in the USA! I will not let this happen to my fellow people I really don’t know what white country you’re from but the USA was made and is made by immigrants! Just like you’re parent or grandparents even if they had to get a visa they "immigrated" thus the word immigrant!Pa que lo sepas PAPA!!

This is exactly why El Paso is where it is right now, most people commenting on this story are a bunch of ignorant fools. This is not about racial profiling. To me its about using local resources to do the job of the federal government. Did anyone explore that arguement? All I read is illegals shouldn't be here and they are criminals. Well what about when your house gets broken into by a United States citizen because a police officer is too busy checking someone's citizenship?

Why reward bad behavior?

I think those of us who support Arizona's law should boycott all El Paso based businesses. We can send our own message to the city of El Paso and these other supporters of criminals.

I visit Cold Stone 2-3 times a week. Finally, I have a good cause to go on a diet. There stores are all closing up shop anyway and their franchise owners complain of huge financial losses and company kickbacks.

You want to talk about profiling?.... I was unable to get a job because I don't know husband is in the army I don't want to be here but I have to be... it is so unfair that I get turned down because I can only speak English....hello we are in America right? I'm so glad my husband risks his life for illegals to take my job.

if your an illegal immagrant you have no say in what laws a state passes and if ure a us citizen u shouldnt have any problem with what officers ask you if you have nothing to hide. if you want to be part of this country be a citizen stop free loading off the rest of the nation. also if el paso wants to boycott az companys there only hurting the economy more me personally dont care where the busniesses are from if there here i am going to go to them im tired of illegal imagrants getting afreeride

I will go to Peter piper pizza. just to support them.... hello.... have you all not noticed who drops their kids off at USA schools here in El Paso... people with plates from Mexico. it makes me SO mad. So over these sorry people!

I'll see you there!

Yeah!My daughter was denied a renewal pupil transfer to a school near my work because there are to many kids, as a taxpayer, a citizen, and in the same school district I pay taxes in! There are car loads of kid being drop off Mexico plates!

I have no problem educating children, but when it effects me and my family directly, I have areal problem!

I support this law because I don't think its fair that all these illegals cross over apply for government help and end up getting over $700 in food stamps, and us americans don't get help. The government needs to take care of it own people first before helping illegals who don't pay taxes and when they do they take their recipts to melek and get all the money they paid in taxes back. I am an american of mexican decent and I support this law

Wow! You really have no idea about what you are saying?! it's sorry to hear that someone from Mexican Decent can say that. And i dont think they give away $700 in food stamps and you HAVE to have a Social Cecurity to get food stamps in the first place if i was you i would first learn the facts then give my opinion! Thanks!

And If I were you learn how to spell.....its Security not Cecurity....Grow up and get over it....Yes alot of us are from Mexican decent...but the law is the law....GO ARIZONA!!!!

The federal government should have done this yers ago. That is why Arizona took the bull by the horn, the politicians do not want to address the problem for fear they will lose voters. Everybody looks out for their own interests. Start with enforcing the employment laws and fine the employers that hire illegal aliens.

If those that are against the Arizona law would take an illegal alien home and support them through out the year, they would take the burden off of the backs of the taxpayer. They are breaking the law and you want to ignore it. Take one home, today.

Not only am I NOT boycotting Arizona and these businesses, but I got online this morning and bought an Arizona t-shirt from a business in Arizona. I am a 3rd generation Mexican-American and I say if you're here legally, you have nothing to worry about. So what if you're asked for ID, give it to them, I would!

This is absolutely ridiculous! Of course we all know that it's fast food chains and restaurants that make and enforce laws. I've never heard of anything so foolish. Why don't these people call their congressman or state representative instead of boycotting. If I get mad at a law passed in Kentucky, I won't boycott KFC because they have no control over state legislature. These people should find a better way to express themselves than helping to ruin our already pitiful economy.

I'm not saying that I agree with this silly law, merely that these people are protesting in a way that is both useless and inconsequential to their cause.

Perhaps KTSM should ask Jaime Abeytia about his open warrant in Maricopa County for failure to pay child support,:

Address: 9900 MONTANA, EL PASO, TX 79925 79925
Sex: M
Race: W
D.O.B: 07-04-1975
Height: 5' 07"
Weight: 180
Eye: BRO
Hair BLK
Dow: 12-03-2002
Oca: 1999003935
Court: Superior Court
Offense: Fail to pay Child Support

he may not be the best judge of justice and how families are getting punished. Adrian?


I am support of AZ and their stance on this immigration issue.

Let's look at one key element in this...

What's the majority of the population that live along the border of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas?

*GASP* ~ Hispanics..

Does anyone see any Japanese, Germans, Britons, or any other "visitors" first going south, then attempting to illegally cross/enter into the States?

NO! You do not...



Whats - is shown - on the CCTV, Digital cameras, and (even) by the El Paso Local news service? ~ you see Hispanic/Latino's crossing into the States illegally, and NOT JUST Mexicans, but Hondurans, Guatemalans and all similar in looks, as Latino by nature.

As was stated, if one is stopped, and asked for ID, SHOW IT, and if one has nothing to worry about, then your on your way, otherwise -- get sent back!

If Mexico enforces identification, it should not be an issue for illegals who enter from Mexico. Why change their standard and lower our standard of living.

Your argument ignores the negative impact of the law on Americans born and raised here and treated as second hand citizens only because of their origin and descent. It is obvious you are not part of this affected group. Would you take the same position? If this law affect you?

It's not the laws of Mexico that I am concerned about. It's the laws in the USA..
Don't get me wrong. I'm a law abiding citizen, that being the case I don't want to be picked up or questioned because of the way I speak or look!

Those video cameras at the red lights are from Arizona. Let's send those back to Arizona. I do agree with steps Arizona is taking to get control of their state.

Wal-Mart please move your main office to Arizona.

Someone please tell Wal-Mart to move the main office to Arizona...Hurry

To continue, If I visit Mexico, do I need a visa? If you do not have one, you will introduced to a jail cell.

You bet! So, is this profiling? You bet to the same extent! So, it is OK for Mexico to enforce their laws, but not the USA! If you believe that the US laws are prejudice, read the Mexican Constitution and their immgratioin laws.

It appears to me that our politicians are at their usual demenor, looking for votes or trying to keep them at any expense.

Hey rat I can prove you wrong on that. I go across the border regularly. Only have to show proof such as U.S. issued I.D and birth certificate or such. And never been arrested.

How far do you go in? There is a limit to how far you can enter the country before a passport is required. This has served as a means to stimulate Mexicos border economy. Agin you are simply twisting and spinning the issue to serve "your" narrowminded racist agenda.

We should support AZ new immigration law. If people are here legally great if NOT send them back. The Illegal should get in line like every one has done.

I support Arizona. Profiling, not really. Is this an emotional issue, Yes? Do I like paying taxes for social programs being abused by persons who should not have them, no. A pregnant woman illegally crosses, has a child at tax payer expense, now father with six other children crosses because he must be with wife and new born along with parents who are dependant. Now, we have an anchor baby and a complete family on social programs at the expense of tax payers.

Just here waiting for that resolution..... Can't wait to send it to the real part of Texas. With Council Members like this, it's no wonder that El Paso is consistently forgotten about by the rest of Texas.

Lastly, I just read the local NBC poll that a majority of their audience favors the law.... That's NBC! Who is council making the argument for?!

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