City Council Takes Turn at Arizona

City Council Takes Turn at Arizona

POSTED: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 - 2:23am

UPDATED: Monday, May 10, 2010 - 3:11pm

El Paso - First the county, now the city.

The El Paso City Council will take up a resolution today condemning the new Arizona immigration law.

The measure is authored by City Representative Eddie Holguin.

Among other things, it urges national leaders to "courageously pursue comprehensive immigration reform."

The council resolution follows a county commission decision yesterday to boycott Arizona.

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Whether it's a hatred for illegals or a total indifference for the ranchers who have been murdered by illegals on their own land, we need to understand what Arizonians have endured. I am not for policemen profiling by race. Equally,I would be the first to want blood if my family members were killed by illegals. This is not about race, so PLEASE give it a rest!! Unwarranted demonstrations will ONLY get the attention of "OTHER STATES" who will in turn do the same as Arizona.

I have seen Hispanic, Black, Oriental, Native and White Ameicans proudly hold the banner of Freedom high in defense of this country. I was there in Korea (DMZ) and the middle of Viet Nam for the TET of '68 with the 3/4th Cav of the 25 Inf Div. I saw my friends die. None were "illegal". They all bled RED and all turned ash grey with death. So much for color!

Why would a politician support illegals unless they profit? I teach Hispanics every week. They are smarter than that. You bet'chum!

What part of Law & Order do our elected city council Reps. not understand? Can we determine which laws we support & obey while others we don't like simply disregard??? I was under the assumption that all laws were for the protection & well being of the citizens. Why not simply drive 100 MPH down Interstate 10 & defy the state trooper to arrest you. I don't like that law & I'm not going to obey it. Isn't that what we are saying???

Like many you just gave our city a bad name. Utter ignorance, i hope your Tio from mexico appreciates the nose dive your career will take for doing this. Elections time you bet your name will not be in my thoughts of you or anyone involved in this.


Like the illegal immigrants that they support "Si se puede!"

My name is Michael Reyes, and being hispanic I agree with and support the Arizona law. I find it offensive that organizations such as LULAC say that they speak for all hispanics. I was born and raised in Las Cruces and I am very patriotic. I don't think that people mexico should be allowed into this country illegaly. Our government should help the citizens of this country before they help non-citizens.And yes they do help non-citizens first. Miachael Reyes, Las Cruces, NM

The new Arizona law only calls for further enforcement of currently existing laws. Condemnation of the state would better be served placed upon illegal immigrants, whom are the cause of any inconvenience or discrimination that legal immigrants are subjected to. We must secure our borders. Innocent men, women, and children are dying due to the illegal drug trade spilling over into our country from Juarez. I fully support Arizona and its new law.

get a life !

As for the military claiming Arizona as state of residency, I pray they can have the right and choice to request from their commander to please reassign them to another unit or Fort and take family members with them. Idiot Gandara

He should be ashamed of himself. He is no better than what he is criticizing. I believe El Paso Citizens should start the process of impeaching Gandara and his followers. I wonder if and should he travel to San Diego California by car, will he go through Arizona or will he drive through N Mex, into Utah, through Nevada down through California to reach his destination into San Diego. I hope no Athletes or other business will ever look into El Paso as an investment.

Since when can the city council speak for the citizens of this city on matters that affect everyone,almost 60% of the 3600 polled recently were in favor of the Immigration Law out of Arizona,If more had been polled I'm more then positive that % would have stayed or gone higher in favor of the AZ Law. When in battle you don't run from the battle you run toward it and you bite the head off the snake,in this case spineless Government and City Leaders. Again what part of Illegal do you not underst

City Council is replete with politicians with low-self esteems. They believe they're civil rights champions, HA! In the eyes of most El Pasoans-they are clowns drunk on their lowly positions. But even in such insignificant seats they manage to infect our city with liberal rubbish which trumps on our Constitution. Most Americans are waking up from sports, drugs, and porn to realize that America is bankrupt and demised by Communists, starting with Obama. They only want to exploit us.

Great! It appears that the Obama administration's total disregard for the will of the people is trickling down to our county and city level.
The polls show that most Texans AND most El Paso residents SUPPORT the Arizona Anti-illegal Immigration Bill; however, our County passed a silly ruling to show their (not our) displeasure with Arizona. Now our city council is considering the doing the same. Must you people continue to embarrass us to the world?

Passing of a pro illegal alien resolution by our incompetent and arrogant city council is probably a foregone conclusion - maybe, hopefully(!) with the exception of Northeast Rep. Robinson. I am a citizen of the city of El Paso, and the neither the city council or the laughable county commissioners speak for me. Starting today, I will be wearing an Arizona State flag pin, T-shirt, or baseball hat to show my support for Arizona cracking down on these illegal parasites.

I'm glade to see that the county commission, and the city council has nothing better to due then to support people to break the law. The law in Arizona only requires the same thing the federal law does just the federal govt does not enforce it. I did not see either the county commission or the city council speak out when the rancher in Arizona was killed. There is pleanty of things that need to be done here to improve the services in this city.

Does our city government not have anything better to do than get involved in this?

We have many issues locally to attend to.

I wish I could send my local taxes to Arizona instead of this bunch of communist b**t**ds!

Why don't we just give our country to Mexico? Better yet, why doesn't Holguin go live there...

Eddie,it's already a federal law and you do not represent the all of EL Paso.These are your personal views which do not help anything.It's people like you who want it to be about race.I think your the racist.

Hope we get a chance to vote you out soon, have you no idea how the majority feels?

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