City Council Sets Date for Revote on Partner Benefits

City Council Sets Date for Revote on Partner Benefits

POSTED: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 12:23pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 1:31pm

EL PASO- In what amounted to a very confusing morning at City Council, several things were decided about the city's referendum on domestic partner benefits for city employees.

Numerous members of the public turned out to voice opinions, some even bringing signs that read 'Tyranny.'  They were upset over what they perceive as the Council not listening to the will of the voters, who passed the referendum on Election Day.

The Council first decided on item '8a', which called for the introduction of an ordinance designed to repeal the measure passed by voters.

The measure failed by a 7-2 vote.

Next up was item 8b, which called for a city-wide vote to amend the city charter and include domestic partner benefits in the charter language. 

Rep. Ortega called for an 8-week postponement of that item.  He felt the way the amendment was written was unclear, and said clearer wording was needed.  His motion passed.

A public hearing on the issue is scheduled for November 30. 

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tyranny? what's tyrannical about what the city council is doing? I have yet to read a single solid defense for the 'tyranny' accusations other than 'my religious beliefs were offended'. well, boo hoo. legalized discrimination based on arbitrary fairy tales (e.g., religious beliefs) is about the most unAmerican thing imaginable. you want religion = law? then move to Iran. it's obvious how well that's working out.

This city council is dangerous, this is tyranny!

It's not the will of the people when under 40,000 folks voted. Its just the will of those with the loudest vote.

Sure seems to me that our leaders were "Asleep at the Wheel". You mean to tell me that something this important did not get read and reread for correctness? This only tells me that someone dropped the ball on this. Contact your city leaders and let them know how you feel on this.

The language was confusing. So, the question is, who allowed it to be placed on the ballot in that form? Second, how much is this new vote going to cost the long-suffering tax payers?

Tom Brown was advised by city rep Steve Ortega to hire an attorney to draft the ballot. He did not heed his advice and therefore was able to get this ordinance passed as he wrote it. City Council have no ability to change the ballot as presented. Blame the proponents of the ordinance not our city leaders. Tom Brown has cost the tax payers $130,000 because of his arrogance.

Confusing! All you had to do is read, My goodness this city council is crazy.

So now the City Council is saying that we the 'people' are morons and don't know how to read. That's Democrats for you--always telling us that they can decide for us--and when we think for ourselves//we get shot down! We have elected power hungry monsters with zero values!

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