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City Council says El Paso needs a financial leader

City Council says El Paso needs a financial leader
Monica Cortez-KTSM

POSTED: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 6:40pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 16, 2013 - 10:26am

As the year begins to wind down city council will soon begin the search for El Paso’s city manager.

While not everyone on the council agrees with the qualities the new leader show possess.

They all agree on one thing, financial leadership is a must.

"Someone that can actually understand the culture of our community, but that has a strong sense of business that understands how to run a community that is as complex as ours," said Emma Acosta, Representative for East Central El Paso.

Acosta said it’s not just the understanding of our culture she is looking for but it’s also about reconnecting with the community.

"We need someone that can actually develop trust with the community,” said Acosta. “I think that's been lost."

Both Acosta and Dr. Michael Noe, Representative for East El Paso agree they would like to see an El Pasoan leader.

"If we could find an El Pasoan with those qualities, absolutely,” said Noe. “I would love that. I think that an El Pasoan with those qualities would be the best choice of all."

Noe said it can be a daunting task with repercussions beyond city hall.

"If you get the wrong person for this job it can really have some detrimental impact to the city,” said Noe.

But Mayor Oscar Leeser said it will definitely come down to financial leadership.

"We have a budget of $800 million so it's a big budget,” said Leeser. “So we need someone with a vision and that's really important."

Acosta said the council will start recruiting candidates in January or February.

And Leeser said he hopes to have someone selected soon after.

Noe said he's open to any suggestions El Pasoans may have regarding who should lead us next.

"I'll be happy to sit down with anyone who has an opinion on who we should be looking for," said Noe.

Leeser said he is hoping to have the position filled by April or May, before budget talks begin in early summer.

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