CISD Students Use Art To End Bullying


POSTED: Saturday, May 21, 2011 - 6:53pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 6:59pm

CANUTILLO - Students in the Canutillo Independent School District are trying to end the ongoing problem of bullying.
More than 4,500 students participated in the "Arts In The Heart, No Place For Hate" event at Canutillo High School.

Not only is the school district trying to get rid of a social problem, but it also used the event as an opportunity to show case work from the Fine Arts Department.

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Get a vigilinte squad of the biggest, baddest ass, kids (jocks,ass kicking dudes) and go after the bullys one by one. These animals will get the message.

Dear chetohimler:

Maybe you missed the purpose of Arts in the Heart: No Place for Hate. It is not that there is a lot of bulling at CISD but that we are being PROACTIVE - we are not waiting for it to be a problem, we are dealing with it before it becomes a problem.

This is not a " social problem", this is reality, this is a tough world, and only the toughest survive, to sugar coat life like this is going to ruin these kids lives, when they find out what they are trying to do is foce these kids into a fantasy world that has nothing to do with eality. If you want to stop bullying, punch the bully in the nose. You should put them in karate classes, or boxing.

Hmmm, seems like there's been a lot of local schools news this week. First it was an alledged weapon at Clint H.S aswell as a slap on the wrist accusation. Then there was favoritism at El Paso High by the Principle. And now, there's this bullying stuff at the Canutillo School District. Maybe todays kids have lost respect for what is the schooling institution. Too much, "you have to be equally smart as other students". The Fonz was a school dropout who later became an auto shop teacher.

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